Centerpiece #3: “The Horticulturist”


I’m calling Centerpiece #3 “The Horticulturist” because as I layered these blue hued items together, I was envisioning a naturalist walking through a clearing in the woods with his leather brimmed hat on, knapsack over his shoulder, a vintage journal in his hand and a yellow pencil wedged above his ear. Can you picture it?


I started with a bark toned wicker basket that honestly was not that big, and also had sides which really limited the overall size of this centerpiece. But we’re going for variety this week anyway!

I don’t have as many “stages” pics of this one, because I honestly whipped it together pretty fast…which is an encouragement as to how easy this is!

Blue’s are hot right now, so I wanted to feature one of these centerpieces with it’s cool, refreshing tones. I grabbed a stack of my vintage blue books as a starting point.


For my vertical feature, I used a beautiful antique soda pop bottle, which you can learn more about {Here}. I love it’s soft aqua color, bubbles and striated appearance. I also love that it was made in Minneapolis. I kind of have a Made in Minneapolis collection going in my home.

I added sticks and origami flowers (made from map paper) to the bottle to give it extra height and textural interest.Years ago we had a lovely gal sell these detailed origami flowers at the store. They are easy to make yourself and you could find many tutorials on Pinterest, I’m sure.


I added the crisp white, basketweave pottery to a thrift store candleholder base to brighten up the scene and inserted a grey-green ikea fake plant. I added a green frog from my collection {Here} to echo the plant’s color.



Notice all the textures represented: wicker, paper, bark, glass, metal, ceramic, foliage. I added my vintage binoculars for the black outline and it helped to tell the story of the whole scene, along with the twig pencils. For that added touch of life, I placed my vintage fawn at the base, whose eye perfectly matches the color of the blue flower on the pot. I could still add a votive candle tucked in under his legs if I wanted a little flicker.


And I want interest all around, so I placed a little springtime duck family on the backside. I could also place some more green moss back here for a little green punch. I like how the ducks are crisp white like the ceramic pot. This whole scene just feels fresh, like a springtime, cool morning.


“The Horticulturist” looks pretty cute on my buffet; think I’ll leave him here for awhile.

Here are the 4 other centerpieces from this challenge:

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“French Country”

“Asian Inspired”

“World Traveler”

And make sure to Pin for future reference!

centerpiece trays ready to be styled 5 different ways


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