Flower Frogs


My old store partner, Cheryl, and I used to play a little game together. We’d have this on-going challenge of saying to each other, “I bet you have more of _____ than me…” It was kind of weird, but comes with the territory when you’ve been hunting and gathering vintage goodies for as long as we have been! We both know we’ve got way more than we really “need”. Because who really needs a dozen flower frogs, right?

As I pulled out my flower frogs the other day, I was mentally counting them.  I was curious how I stacked up against Cheryl in the flower frog category.

I figured she had more than me…she usually does:) But as I was pulling out my spring/garden decor, I realized I had almost as many…11 to be exact, and she had 12. I have 7 of the pokey metal kind in varying sizes, above. I like to stack them and have them available in my kitchen to stand up recipe cards, vintage postcards, or to use in vases of flowers.

I had to head to the basement to find the larger, glass ones that I use for thicker stemmed bouquets, like peonies and lilacs:


And last, but definitely not least are my two cage-type frogs. The small, green one I use on my desk for pens, the huge, large silver one I used for the grad party with flags. I honestly don’t remember where I got this huge sucker, but it is pretty special.


Update: Just added an oval one and a square one, so my total comes to 13 now! But honestly, bet she’s added some too;)

Have you found some flower frogs in your treasure hunting? How do you use or display them?

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2 thoughts on “Flower Frogs

  1. I have a couple different kinds of frogs. I have a few different sizes of the pointy, pokey ones. The are relatively small and round, but one can come apart and I can insert a square to make it oblong. I have two cage styles. One is basically round and smaller than my fist. The other is large and oval and about as long as my hand. I think this one is pretty unusual. I haven’t figured out how to decorate with them yet. We moved into our house a little over a year ago, and we have just painted the one room. It will take us time to paint the others. We are trying to decorate a little as we go along just to see what we have. It will take some time before our part is done. Then, the professionals come in to do the kitchen and two full baths. We must save up for those projects.

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    1. That oval one sounds really cool, Fonda! Don’t think I’ve ever seen one that shape & that large. I think decorating slowly is the way to go; your ideas can have time to develop, analyzing how you’ll use the space, etc. If you give it time, you’ll be happier in the long run. My two bathrooms are still waiting:(


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