Create a Coal Bucket Hostess Gift (or keep it yourself!)

When you are out vintage buying-usually in the warm seasons-always think ahead to winter and the holidays. Because no one else is noticing a simple little coal bucket such as this. But when it’s got a cute, unusual shape, a bad paint job (and several layers) and it comes at the right price…there’s POTENTIAL. This … More Create a Coal Bucket Hostess Gift (or keep it yourself!)

How To Create Vintage Tart Mold Wall Art

Vintage Molds are nostalgic and classically beautiful. Their metallic sheen, subtle texture and myriad of shapes finds me scooping them up whenever I find them! They hold so many creative possibilities! I’ve created “Tart Mold Pedestals” out of the larger jello molds, and fashioned some pumpkins out of a few copper ones I came across … More How To Create Vintage Tart Mold Wall Art

Add Holiday Flourish to your Outdoor Furniture

Holiday outdoor decor doesn’t need to be limited to lights, roping, and spruce tips {see “Spruce Tips 101”}. Instead of hibernating for the winter, your outdoor furniture can become just as special as your indoor Christmas decor! By adding a couple of cheap, easy to find embellishments, your entry, deck or porch can be a … More Add Holiday Flourish to your Outdoor Furniture

Advent Calendar, Junker Style

Truth be told, I never did the Advent Calendar thing with my kids…and they turned out just fine;) But when I saw Refresh Restyle’s “Farmhouse Advent Calendar” made out of a printer’s drawer last week on Funky Junk’s “DIY Salvaged Junk Projects”, the gears started turning.

Bachman’s Poinsettia Greenhouse Tour

Have you ever had one of those breathtaking moments in life where you just thought, “Wow, I am so lucky!”. Or, more appropriate for the Thanksgiving, almost-Christmas season…”So thankful“. Those were the words ringing in my head as I walked into the Bachman’s Grower’s Greenhouse, filled with 70,000 Poinsettias in their full glory!

Russian Tea

Does anyone remember drinking Russian Tea as a kid? This sweet, warm, citrus-y drink mix was a favorite of ours in the winter when we’d come in from playing outside in the snow. It’s orange, cinnamon flavor would warm our tummies till our outsides caught up.