How to Build a Centerpiece #4: “Asian Inspired”


Day four’s centerpiece foundation is the most different of the bunch, which got me excited to try something new. I love a good challenge and the pattern on this plastic square platter got me thinking of Asian elements.

Years ago I hated orange, but it’s really grown on me. I didn’t allow Big Boy to paint his room in the loud color when he requested it as a grade-schooler, but I do enjoy sprinkling it around my home occasionally.

You’ve had a couple days watching the How to Build a Centerpiece Challenge under your belt, are you learning the process of the centerpiece build?

After the foundation, I add the vertical elements:


Brightly colored Reader’s Digest books with a thrift store brass handled bowl at the top. I rarely use brass around my home, so this bowl and the brass owls are fresh from the used- before shelves. The blue pillar candles and cute little pedestal succulent cloche were also from the thrift store.



I love how these refreshing citrus colors work with the brass. I added wood slices for a natural texture along with some bark pencils. Origami flowers fell right in line with the Asian inspired theme and I even had some with the right colors for this vignette. If if was summer I’d float a flower in the pretty ruffled brass bowl!


On the backside I tied a bundle of twig colored pencils with natural twine and tucked another origami flower nearby. I layered some moss so the candles would stand relatively straight, since the platter had a slight tapered edge.


Think I can enjoy this “Asian Inspired” centerpiece on my coffee table for awhile; I kind of like how it enhances the colors of my vintage school map, which has been very undressed since Christmas {Here}. And don’t you just love the owls?

Here are the other centerpieces in the challenge:

“The Classic”

“French Country”

“The Horticulturist”

“World Traveler”

Pin for future reference!

centerpiece trays ready to be styled 5 different ways

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