Christmas Map Display


Remember a couple months ago, (Here) after I painted the living room walls grey, and I decided to switch my big, beautiful, antique map to a different wall? Well, it seemed a little lonely on the wall all by itself, so I decided to finally pull up an old scaffolding I had been keeping for myself. I sanded it a little, and then sprayed the pretty wood with some poly. (Here)

I really like the industrial-ness of the old scaffolding, with it’s blue accents and hint of an old label, and it gives me a canvas to display other fun things.


With the beautiful colors of the map inspiring me, I’ve been dreaming of combining the Shiny Brite ornaments and funky bottlebrush trees from last year  into this vignette.


I decided silver would be a good addition, since the Shiny Brites are silver behind the color. Which led me to thinking about silver trays in the back of this display with pastel trees in front.

Guess my store display skills haven’t been used for a couple of months, so I was itchy to go up a ladder. Why should the stores only get the awesome displays? Make a beautiful vignette at home and enjoy it a lot longer! Mr. Fix-it will say I went “over the top”, but hey…I had some fun!

Thought I’d show you the steps I took to create this start of my Christmas decorating. I don’t rush, because I enjoy the process as much or more than the final result! Here’s the picture narrative:


dsc_0220-2edit  dsc_0221-2edit





Ah, the wonders of fish line! I honestly could have hung twice as many ornaments, but this was time consuming enough! Do you think the old painter that owned this scaffolding could ever have imagined this in a million years?

And a few vanity shots. Santa is delivering presents to the U.K, fyi:






I added a little greenery behind the couch cushions to cover the wires. I may just gaze up at this beautiful display for weeks…who needs a tree?


I was trying to think of how I could add the word, “Peace”, but I got displayed-out after this several hour beauty session. Got any ideas for me?


Hope you’re having fun decorating your home!




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14 thoughts on “Christmas Map Display

  1. Oh my Lora, I love the map, the ornaments, and the bottle brush trees; but that scaffolding! What a fabulously creative idea! Thanks so much for sharing it with SYC. I will be featuring you tomorrow.


  2. I’m in love with this map display Lora and will be featuring it tomorrow at our Vintage Charm link party! Pinned and Facebooked, as well.


    1. Thanks, Cecilia! I love the colors in this map, & the punch of the black outline defining everything! One of my favorite finds!


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