How to Build a Centerpiece: “French Country” Style


Yesterday I started a five day Centerpiece Challenge with myself {Here}. My goal is to teach you how to build a basic, everyday centerpiece for your dining or coffee table. Here’s the foundation of Centerpiece #2 which I’ll call “French Country”. The pretty mustardy gold color of this ceramic platter seems perfect for some early spring green foliage, and the brown distressing is inspiring me to use some wood also. Here we go…

Once I lay my foundation with the horizontal, I add a vertical element or two, or three in this case:



I initially thought the wood candlestick would be the tallest, but then I spied one of my topiaries with the clay pot base in my buffet {Here}. The leaf plate and wood candlestick were scored when I was searching for trays at the thrift store. I have plenty of books leftover from my store days to use, and I really liked adding the little bit of pattern to the whole scene. Even though it’s a chintzy little plastic plate stand, the black color really pops all the others-kind of like an outline.


Then I start adding texture. I already had wood, clay, wax, green foliage, ceramic, paper. Since this is becoming kind of garden-y, I decided I needed some galvanized metal. This cute egg basket was perfect with some spring eggs and some shredded kraft-colored paper. The clock face provides some graphic punch along with some more defining black.


And I don’t want to forget the backside of the arrangement, because I’d like to use this in the center of a table! A few more eggs, a nest, some vintage flatware to bring the silver around to the back, corralled in a cute gold, lacey container. Now I’m getting in the spring mood!


Just like I added the camera as a supporting actor in my Centerpiece #1 yesterday, I thought it would be fun to continue on the yellow/green theme and add a little cracked pitcher (that I showed you in my Vintage Seller’s Tips, {Here}), and a few more reproduction majolica plates I also picked up (I’ve kind of always wanted some of these;)


Oh, how I love relief pattern! Kind of like vintage tin ceilings, too! {Here} And I really liked how the black grainsack burlap ribbon I used on my Christmas Brunch table {Here} set off this pretty grouping. Add a couple feathers in as a final touch, and voila’…


Perfect “French Country” style, colors and textures, and a happy spot of springtime for your dining or coffee table. Honestly, this would be a pretty vignette on your sideboard/buffet in a dining room also.

Here are the other centerpieces in this week’s challenge:

“The Classic”

“The Horticulturist”

“Asian Inspired”

“World Traveler”

Pin for future reference!

centerpiece trays ready to be styled 5 different ways


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