“How to Build a Centerpiece” Challenge, and “The Classic”


Many clients have asked me through the years, “What should I put on my table?” As I perused the thrift store isles last week, I decided it would be fun to teach y’all how to create a centerpiece for yourself! (No, we don’t say y’all in MN…I’m just still thinking about my trip to Nashville).

And maybe there’s also the fact that I’m missing styling the store with all different types of themes each month…or maybe the fact that the sunshine is streaming in and it feels like spring outside…

Whatever the reason, I needed to make a mess while making pretty today…which I do rather well.


My challenge to myself so you could learn: Get five different foundations for five differently styled centerpieces. Because my first tip for a dining or coffee table centerpiece?

Make it portable!

So when the kids want to break out a game board, you simply pick up your pretty centerpiece and move it to another flat surface! When they’re done you can plop it back in place!

I found four of my centerpiece foundations at the thrift store and will be using my own galvanized tray for the fifth:


A perfectly tarnished silver cake plate, a mustard-colored ceramic serving platter, a brown wicker tray, a square plastic orange plate, and my galvanized tray.

Each day this week I will show you what I came up with, and then you get to choose which fits your personal style best, or is your favorite (kind of like Fixer Upper).

First off…”The Classic”:


Silvers, golds and neutrals inspired me, along with quiet texture. Many of the items have pedestal bases.

Once I have my horizontal base piece I add the vertical elements. I’m going for asymmetry on all of these, with visual interest on all sides, since they’re in the center of a table.


A collection of subtly-colored vintage books lean nicely against a heavy, gold, ornate candleholder (and you know I love “Decorating with Books” {Here}) A fake pillar candle provides ambiance. A moss ball, shredded paper and a couple feathers provide texture and a fake plant brings some life.


The book cover brings some typographical interest to the grouping. Evaluate all the different textures represented: silver, gold, paper, moss, feathers, foliage, stone.Subtle colors, but very texture rich.


And now to provide a little bit of life and whimsy, a cute little owl figurine (I picked up a couple after writing my (in)courage devotional {Here}).

And if you want a supporting actor role, I thought it would be fun to add a vintage camera from my stash {Here} next to this centerpiece for more appeal…


Centerpiece 101, “The Classic” is complete! Did you learn anything? Do you have some of these items to recreate this style at your home?

Here are the 4 other Centerpieces from the Challenge:

“French Country”

“The Horticulturist”

“Asian Inspired”

“World Traveler”

Pin for future reference!

centerpiece trays ready to be styled 5 different ways

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