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  1. I loved the tree stand collection, too. But most of all I loved the serene feeling of the muted colors. I have never done a full sized themed tree but feel better about it after seeing yours. Ours is a mish mash of 40 years of memories that get recalled as an ornament is hung. So far I have a wreathe up and one arrangement out! But I do have some presents wrapped, the Christmas letter typed (not printed yet) and 160 cookies all bagged for the church shut in baskets! It’s a good start! BUT, not as good as yours!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      You should try a themed tree, Kathy; you’d love it! I try to enjoy our ornaments in many places besides the tree; hanging on a garland draped somewhere else, etc…or on a bedspring;) If you’ve got that many cookies baked already, that’s amazing! I’m just not a cookie baker…I’d rather decorate and craft; but I don’t mind eating other people’s cookies;)

  2. amberlyonferguson2017 says:

    You have simply fabulous Christmas ideas! I would love for you to link up over on my blog for Thursday Favorite Things so I can feature this amazing post next week! Just leave me a comment and the number of your link up. Happy New Year!

  3. Guess we were inspired by our new chairs, Michelle;) Maybe we can send the boys to some red & green cabin somewhere…

  4. Michele Brandt says:

    Love it all! So pretty…I have the soft greens, aquas and frosted snowballs/snowflakes too! I was going for winter frost…My peanut gallery said the house looks like a department store! They wanted the Garfield and Snoopy ornaments back out!

  5. It’s all so pretty Lora, I love the colors you chose! And that collection of Christmas tree stands!!! How cool!


    1. Thanks, Tania! I didn’t quite realize I’d accumulated that many, because they were all in different places, but guess they must catch my eye;)