How To Plan Out Your Christmas Decor


Vintage jadeite for Christmas

Every year, sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving, I start thinking about my Christmas decor. I look through Holiday magazines and try to remember what I’ve got in storage and what style I want to go with this year. Each year is different at my house. Here are some of the considerations to decide on before you get those tubs out of the attic.

Green vintage accessories.


Christmas can be so much more than just the traditional American red and green. You could add black and white to the red and green. You could pastel-up the combo and use pink and lighter green. You could go all white and add gold, silver or clear. You may want to use just one color as a focus, a couple, or go with a color combo.

Whatever color combination you use, it will be more striking if you stick with it throughout a whole room, or group of adjoining rooms. If you like it all, like me, decorate with a different color palette in another part of your house-your family room, your bedroom, your kitchen.

Simply divide your decorations by the colors and send them to the part of your home where you’ll be highlighting that color/s. If you’re going warm and cozy in your family room, bring the red balls in there to combine with browns, blacks, warm creams. Bring the greens in your kitchen to combine with crisp white and classic black. Without spending a lot for new decor, you’ll have a whole new look!

Christmas Wreath


Many years my themes come from a certain ribbon or fabric I’ve found. Plaid was very popular last year and could be found on stockings, throws, pillows. One year I centered my decorating on old fashioned ticking, ripping fabric into strips and incorporating them into all my greens and arrangements. You may find a certain ribbon at the crafts store that launches your theme. Last year I found a clearance black and white houndstooth 3″ ribbon that inspired my theme. {“Porch Decorating Fun”}

If you love vintage, you could focus your theme on old Christmas tablecloths or vintage embroidery, like redware.

Your color choices will coordinate with your pattern choice.

Vintage wool mittens


Once you have your color and pattern choices, your textures may fall right into line. Do you want a little glitz and glamour, shiny and bright? Or do you want everything to be very natural and textural. Maybe you’re going for warm and cozy so knits and flannels will fit in perfectly. Or you want that Joanna Gaines farmhouse flair with some galvanized metal.

Think of how you can weave coordinating textures into the whole scheme.

Antique green polka-dot casserole

Special or Memorable Items:

Is there a certain set of glasses or dishes that have been hiding in your cupboards that could be a foundation to your theme? I scored a set of vintage green depression dishes this year {“Green Depression Glass and a Little Junk for a Garden Party”} and want to incorporate them into my Christmas styling. Even if you don’t set a fancy table for your entertaining, you can still enjoy those special pieces highlighted with some Christmas extras (pinecones, fake snow, ribbons, silk poinsettias, shiny balls) on your bookshelves or kitchen counter.

Having a plan ahead of time will alleviate the overwhelm and will produce a more unique, overall effect.

The holidays can be a stressful time. You want to enjoy your family time and hospitality. Giving your home some extra sparkle just by arranging things in a new, unique way will be fun for yourself and trickle through to everyone else. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on all new decorations. Just group them differently and put them in a room you’ve never had them in before.

If you need some more ideas, here are some of the ways I’ve decorated my home using these concepts. I like to put a name to my themes to describe them (and to keep them straight).

Comfort Christmas House Tour”, 2016

“Shiny Brite and White Christmas”, 2015

“A Junky, Merry Christmas”, 2014

“A Junky, Merry Kitchen”, 2014

“Classic Colored Christmas”, 2013

By thinking about it and planning ahead, you’ll have your plan all set for that weekend after Thanksgiving to make your home festive! Are your wheels turning?


Plan Out your Christmas Decor


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