Succulent Love

For the first summer ever in my gardening life, I decided to try out a collage of low succulents for my tabletop containers. I’ve loved the subtle textures and colors of these beauties for years, but haven’t been able to stomach their prices. But this year, at Lowe’s, a full display of their beautiful options, … More Succulent Love

Beautiful Belmont

As I sift through the mound of college brochures, I realize many of them claim to have “one of the most beautiful campuses” in the U.S. But after visiting Belmont University in Nashville, it’s got my vote!

Flower Frogs

My old store partner, Cheryl, and I used to play a little game together. We’d have this on-going challenge of saying to each other, “I bet you have more of _____ than me…” It was kind of weird, but comes with the territory when you’ve been hunting and gathering vintage goodies for as long as … More Flower Frogs

Junk in the Pots!

Once May 15 hits here in Minnesota, we are supposedly safe to plant, and I’ve been doing just that!  Of course, at this early stage, my pots are not all full and beautiful, and definitely not picture-worthy.  I even pinch all the flowers off, so they’ll work on their roots for awhile.  So I thought … More Junk in the Pots!