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  1. Just popping in again to say I love this DIY and will be featuring it this week on Farmhouse Friday! Thank you so much for linking up. Please link up again soon. Happy Fall! Pinned

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Wonderful! Thanks, Cindy:)

  2. What a cute project–I read through the tutorial, then looked at the pictures–the pix made it look so simple! I am one of the auditory plus visual learners! I have my faux pumpkin on my front stairs–will turn the jack-0-lantern side to the public closer to Halloween!

  3. What a cute use for your old quilts! Happy fall!

  4. I’m a cute kind of person, no scary stuff. These are so cute, I pinned them and they don’t look too hard, I hope!! Thanks Lora.

  5. Oh my golly those are adorable! I never think to sew anything. Guess that’s why I’m your #1 fan! Happy Fall. pinned

  6. ADORABLE, Lora!! What a brilliant way to use old quilts!!!