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  1. Oh my goodness, Lora! I would never think of using Christmas tree stands for decor. It is absolutely brilliant!!! I love the suitcases all stacked vertically, too!! Now I have some new ideas in my stash. Thank you for being part of the TST!!

  2. Your collections are seriously amazing, Lora! The flower frog tree is genius. But, I love your pottery most of all! xoxo, Kristi

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, Kristi!

  3. I cannot get over your collections. Especially the tree stands! Just love how your mind works and your creativity. I wish mine worked like that. Everything is so beautifully put together. Loved it. pinned

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, friend:)

  4. Your collections make me swoon girl! I could spend hours and hours just going over all of the goodies! It would be so fun to go hunting with you! xo

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Yes, that would be so fun, Laurie!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      The Fall colors and textures get me every time:)

  5. Lora I love all of your collections! I especially love the Christmas stand one… so unique. You have a gift for displaying all of your collections. Thank you for sharing that with us!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Your welcome, Kelly!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Favorite way to decorate;)

  6. Oh Lora! You have so many great tips and ideas. I never ever would have thought about collecting Christmas tree stands. I will definitely be on the look out and collecting them from now on. So much inspiration in your post today.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      That collection just kinda happened accidentally;)

  7. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Thank you for the ideas for displaying collections, yours looks so pretty. I will have to think how I want to display mine. Those tea pots and books were so clever and loved all the colors.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, Marlene! I love decorating with all the Fall-colored collections this time of year:)

  8. Vicki & Jenn says:

    These are all such great ideas! And we need those vintage suitcases you have 😍

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      They are pretty fun, aren’t they;)

  9. Love everything you shared. Great tips and beautiful collections. I also love that you have a “real-sized” home. The vertical display is genius for the suitcases. I am SO inspired.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, Christina! Yep…always square feet challenged over here;)

  10. Stef Murnane says:

    These are so fun!! You are so talented! And those tree stands…I never realized how many different styles!!❤

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      There are so many different styles, once you start looking for them! My collection is still growing…

  11. Rebecca Payne says:

    Great ideas. Thank you.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Glad you enjoyed them!