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  1. All wonderful posts Lora, it’s hard to pick a favorite… I think I would pick the flannel shirt with the adorable flouncy sleeves though, have you worn it since you made it?

    Here’s to a successful blogging 2018 and lots more Thrifty Chicks challenges!!


    1. That one was definitely the farthest out of my comfort zone, Tania! And yes, I have worn it & had lots of compliments:) Looking forward to a whole new year of creative pursuits!

  2. Oh my gosh, just read your junking post, what great finds. Looks like you had a ton of fun, I love finding old throw away items and redoing them.

    1. It is so much fun! One of the suburbs here has it 5 weekends in a row! I can amass a lot of projects in a very short time, which can be kind of overwhelming, though!