Fabric Pumpkin Harvest Wreath

Fabric Pumpkins Multiplying

Ever since I started making fabric pumpkins, they’ve been multiplying on my dining room buffet. {see “Fabric Pumpkin How-To } {also, “My Masterpiece Buffet”}After seeing a variety of pumpkin wreaths as Thanksgiving decor in several stores, I decided I’d create my own version with my trove!

Materials for a harvest wreath

My purpose was for this wreath to be more Thanksgiving-styled than Fall themed. Thanksgiving is considered more late fall, even early winter. The leaves are down here in MN and we’ve already had some snow, so I wanted to use some evergreens along with the classic Thanksgiving wheat.

I started with a basic metal wreath form and wrapped it with a green burlap ribbon as a base. I made sure to create a hanging loop out of bindwire before I got any farther.

Burlap covered wreath form.

I laid out the pumpkins on the wreath form in an order that seemed pleasing and then took a pic with my phone to remember the placement as I wired them on one by one. What did we ever do before cell phones, right?

Cell phone pic of harvest wreath.

I took an 8″ length of bindwire and tucked it under the ribs of the pumpkins to attach them to the wreath form, wrapping the ends tightly on the back side.

Fabric Pumpkin Wreath

Fabric pumpkins wired to wreath form.

I thought I was only going to use 12 pumpkins, but when I got them almost all on, I ended up having an extra space. I added a 13th and changed the placement a little to adjust which fabrics balanced the colors.

Fabric pumpkin wreath made with vintage quilt pieces and thrift store sweaters.

I love how all the vintage quilt squares of fabric I used worked together, along with the leftover and thrift store sweater pumpkins. The wreath is quite heavy, since I weighted each pumpkin {see “Seller’s Tips: Weight Matters”}. Some people might like it just like this, but I need a little more texture. Because Thanksgiving and Harvest are all about abundance, and therefore need many layers of different textures to create the richness.

I created bundles of the wheat and the grass so they could easily be hot-glued to the burlap-covered wreath form.

Wreath bundles

I grabbed any fake greens I could find that looked more wintery, without pulling my Christmas bins down from the attic.

I hot glued the greens to the inside of the wreath, between each pumpkin and glued the grass and wheat bunches to the outside perimeter.

Now I’ve got all the Thanksgiving and Harvest texture I was going for!

Fabric Pumpkin Harvest Wreath

Okay…does that not look like it needs to be on the cover of Country Living Magazine??? Guess I’m a little in love;)

And to add a Thanksgiving message…

Thanksgiving Harvest Wreath, handcrafted.

I think this one needs to be a greeting card!

Little tip…if you don’t have time to stencil or paint your message, just use some cute washi tape and the stencils themselves to spell out your greeting! Easy, peasy…and artsy!

Hope this inspires you to try your hand at some fabric pumpkins! They are seriously addicting! The link to my how-to is in the first paragraph-check it out.


Fabric Pumpkin Harvest Wreath Pin

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