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  1. What a fitting idea for lining an old trunk! Love how you salvaged zippers for the trim detail too. Your photos and the way you staged the trunk is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks, Linda! Just so happy to have this one done-it was one of those “finally” projects!

  2. Beautiful project Lora, and I absolutely LOVE the zipper trim–ingenious and it looks just fantastic. Great job!

  3. This turned out just fantastic. I love how it is a family heirloom so you cleaned up the outside and left as is. But when you open the lid its a wonderful story. And the zipper edging is a great idea to give it even more personality.

  4. Lora, Those zipper halves are the perfect finishing touch.

    1. I am definitely a “use what you’ve got”, girl, Kathy! And I’ve got plenty laying around here;) Thanks for the compliment!