Origami Flower How-To Make and How-To Use


I folded up a bouquet of blooms to send off to the giveaway winner from the Centerpiece Challenge {Here} and remembered how much fun making these pretty flowers was…especially this time of year when I can’t grow the real ones outside yet!

I’m sure there are dozens of how-to’s for these on Pinterest, but thought I’d take pics as I was folding to maybe inspire you to give it a try this weekend! I definitely needed to brush the cobwebs off my brain to remember all the folds, but once I got going it all came back.

After the folding demonstration, I’ll show you some fun ways to use these pretty posies!


I’m a picture girl, but for those of you who need words:

Take a 3″ square of paper. Fold in 1/2 diagonally. Fold each point up to middle. Crease folds crisply throughout process. Fold each triangle down to right side and left side so it looks like a tulip.Open side tulip petals and press flat to look like a kite (top middle). Open kites inserting finger. Fold kite flap down if inside of paper is boring white, or fold out if contrasting color is desired in center of flower. Close folds inside themselves. Cup petal by squeezing sides in gently. Glue folds closed with hot glue. Here’s your basic petal:

origamiflower Now make a whole bunch!


By now your folding confidence is soaring and you want to make a flower. I hot glued my petals onto kebab skewers. You can also use diffuser sticks, pencils, twigs from your yard, or something bendy like bindwire.

But I have to warn you, this is where the novice and the expert flower maker is shown. My first attempt at a 4 petal style:


Ugh! The first two on the left were great, but I digressed thereafter. Trying to get some 5 petals to come out right proved a challenge also. I decided to stick to the 6 petal version-very balanced, easier to achieve:




And lastly, add a center. Fun, right?

My old store sidekick, Cheryl, and I were chatting yesterday at how we missed the final set-up day at the store when all our contributors would bring in their goodies that they’d been working on all month. Liz, our origami artist, would carry in boxes of amazing creations she’d devised from this simple little petal shape. She was such a perfectionist; each creation was folded exactly. The sky’s really the limit with what you can create from this one, simple petal shape.

Here are some of the amazing creations she came up with through the years to get your mind wandering…






We sold so many of her creations. She’s now so busy with her own 3 little miracles, I’m sure folding petals only happens in her memories!

I’m certainly not patient enough to fold quite this much (especially with coffee in my system), so I stick to the basics. But this time of year when my heart is longing for green grass and flowers, this is a good fix!





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8 thoughts on “Origami Flower How-To Make and How-To Use

  1. It’s so funny….. I have been trying to find a good tutorial on this very origami flower. Yes, Pinterest has many how-to sites, but not necessarily good ones. I saw your post yesterday on Instagram and looked it up…. Perfect tutorial!!! Thank you for clear, concise instructions and ways to embellish the flower creations!!!


  2. My package arrived ! Charming from the packaging to all the goodies inside. I wondered how you made the flowers, I’ll have to give it a try.
    Thank You again for picking my name😊 It will be fun to pull out my spring “stuff” & add the things you sent to the mix! Shelly Torola

    Liked by 1 person

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