Tart Mold Pumpkins How-To

Tart Mold Pumpkins

Every time I passed by the copper molds hanging on my “Back Entry Fall Bedspring” Display, I kept thinking, “Those molds look like pumpkins…I should turn them into one”. As I was adding some later fall items to the display- leaves, corn, and pops of orange-I decided to take them down and give it a try.

I added some silver molds to the bunch too, for variation. These were going to be a more modern-looking pumpkin, compared to the fabric and sweater variety I’ve been obsessed with making lately {“Fabric Pumpkin How-To”}. No sewing involved with this project!

I wanted to weigh them a little before I started gluing them together with E6000. Weight adds credibility if you’re selling them and also keeps them where you want them when placing them in your vignettes. {see “Sellers Tips: Weight Matters”} I put a couple spoonfuls of dried oatmeal in each before I adhered them together. Rice would have sounded like a shaker against the metal, but the oatmeal is soft and you don’t even notice they’re filled…except that they’re a little heavier;)

After I glued them with the E6000, making sure to line up the grooves so they would look like the ribs of pumpkins, I stacked some books on them and let them dry for 24 hours. It’s kind of a bummer to wait for this glue to dry, but it’s so much stronger of a hold than just a hot glue from a glue gun. Definitely worth the wait.

Tart Molds glued together look like pumpkins.

After they were dry, I spray painted the silver molds with white spray paint. The copper ones were perfect just the way they are.

I also had Mr. Fix-it cut up some dowels and some crib and chair spindles in 2-3″ lengths. I sanded them a little to smooth out the rough edges and brush painted them with some black acrylic paint.

Black stems for pumpkins

Think the thicker stem on these pumpkins will give them a little more of a mod look, but yet still vintage.

After I sanded the white painted molds a little to highlight the ribs, I adhered the stems to the pumpkins. Again, I weighted them with books and let them dry 24 hours. Even though this is a super easy DIY project, there is some patience involved with the dry time;(

Tart Mold Pumpkins

These vintage molds got a modern makeover!

I’ve always enjoyed picking up these cute little tart/jello molds at church and estate sales for cheap. I created “Tart Mold Pedestals” years ago and use them throughout my home every season. Now I’ve got a whole new use for them!

Tart Mold Pumpkins

These no-carving-needed pumpkins can be enjoyed all around the house. You may even want to try your hand at painting a jack-o-lantern face on the smooth ones for fun!

I’m going to enjoy mine on the kitchen counter right up next to my “new” metal picnic basket, whose red tartan plaid has perfectly faded to candy corn colors through the years;)

Tart Mold Pumpkins

If you’ve got some of these jello/tart molds in your stash, give these a try! No sewing involved…just a little patience for dry time!


Tart Mold Pumpkins

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