Tart Mold Pedestals


One of my favorite chameleon, decorating staples that Mr. Fix-it makes for me are these little tart mold pedestals. I’ve seen quite a few larger versions out there in blogdom, but think these little guys are still pretty original…which is saying a lot in this T.M.I. (too many ideas), Pinterest world we live in.


Here’s a tutorial for you to make your own, or have hubby make one for you…

For starters, you’ll need some jello/tart molds or sandbakkel molds for the top and bottom, or just the top if you want the base to be wood. I’ve amassed quite the collection:


You’ll need some type of spindle for the neck. We use old spindles from a crib and Mr. Fix-it distresses them perfectly for me. Old chair spindles would work well also.


The finished height of our tart mold pedestals are usually 4-6″.


Couple of construction hints. Washers on either side of the tart molds provide a more sturdy fit. If you’re using a wood base, sink the screw in a little so your base is level. Mr. Fix-it purposely picks out funky screws that have a little patina when they show because he knows I’m just not a new-and-shiny-screw kind of girl!

Once they’re all made, you can have fun decorating with them, singly or en mass!

img_5484edit  img_5483edit

img_5482edit  img_5481edit

I use them for every season. In the fall they’re perfect with a mini pumpkin, or a collection of acorns. In the winter, some epsom salts, a pinecone and a candle look great, or even some vintage Christmas bulbs.

img_4370edit  img_4477edit

You can vary their style by using different materials; natural materials will be earthy, shredded paper and candy can look cute and festive.


With Easter coming up, I love them filled with Easter egg candy, but they also fit right in with classic, garden party decor, too. Tie a ribbon around their neck for extra punch!

img_5485edit  img_5486edit

One at each place setting for a treat is extra special, or just one on your windowsill works, too. If you’re planning a wedding, or a special shower, wouldn’t it be fun to send each guest home with one?



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