Styling Tip: On the Hunt for Fall Textures

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August 17th is National Thrift Shop Day! What a wonderful day to celebrate, right? I’m always on the hunt for unique and cheap finds to style and live with, whether it’s curbside junking, an estate sale or a church sale {see “A Vintage Junker’s Guide: Where To Find the Good Stuff” and “Curbside Junking Adventures and Tips”}. But the wonderful thing about thrift stores is they’re open everyday and in my metro area, they are plentiful!

As I shared in my previous post, I’ve been hitting the thrift stores (and church sales) to help my college kiddos fill their dorm room and first apartment. Of course, old habits don’t die easily and after many years of filling a store with fall colors and textures this time of year, the autumn accessories have been calling my name!

So maybe a few things happened to jump in my cart for momma!

I think the summer primary decor needs to take a nap till next year and be replaced with some early fall decor!

Here are my favorite fall accessories to be on the hunt for this time of year:


Rustic woven baskets and vintage wood boxes.

Autumn abundance looks wonderful when amassed in a rustic basket. Church sales and thrift shops are cheap places to find them. Just give them the sniff test to make sure they haven’t spent too many days in a musty basement. Vacuum and scrub gently with a soapy, soft bristle brush and dry in the sun to refresh.

I realized when I’m styling around my home I can never have enough books or small, wooden boxes to create different levels. Vintage recipe boxes, flat covered shoe polish boxes and other small to medium boxes come in handy and are also great texture.

I picked up the cute little succulent pots at Michaels for 70% off. I still like their texture well into the fall, especially when in textured clay pots.

Metal decor items.

Metal Accessories

A mixture of metals brings wonderful texture to fall styling. Orangy-toned copper, galvanized metal, black iron and enamelware give a little sheen with a primitive touch. Many items can be found in the kitchen and gardening sections of your local thrift store for mere dollars.

Thrift Store haul

Thrift store finds.

How can you go wrong with prices like these, right?



I love to incorporate muted, fall-colored pottery into my autumn vignettes. The thicker texture and weight remind me of cooler weather and extra layers. I look for warm browns, cool greys, mustard yellows and olive greens.

Adding animal themed items like horses, dogs, ducks, geese and deer bring life and nature to your styling. Vintage pieces can have beautiful colorations and charm.


Syracuse China

Restaurant-ware China Platters

Vintage china platters by companies such as Syracuse and Knowles can be mixed and matched as interesting serving pieces or even dinner plates. I’m drawn to these right now for some reason…it’s certainly not because I need any more dishes!

Colored glassware

Colored Glassware

Colored glassware in tones of browns, greens and aquas are pretty with the late autumn sunshine gleaming through. I particularly love brown glass vases overflowing with a handful of sunflowers or black-eyed-susans. And aqua ball jars with just-turning-green hydrangeas are a great compliment also.

And, oh, this pink depression cake plate? Not really for fall, but who could leave it on the shelf for $6.99? It could be pretty fitting with a fresh baked batch of ginger snap cookies, though;)

Needlepoint framed prints


As the weather turns cooler, needlepoint samplers and framed pictures bring an added layer of warmth to the home. I never actually nail them to the wall in a permanent place; they lean and get shuffled around seasonally. Many times I don’t really like the frames, so I delete them and just enjoy the canvas. Somehow it makes these hand-sewn art pieces more home-grown and less fussy, which is more my style.

This cute little cottage reminds me of our first home and I love this white-steepled old church as a reminder of the importance of our faith.

If you happen to have the chance to go thrifting on Thursday, August 17th, it sounds like there will be some special discounts for shoppers! Check with your local, favorite stores.

Not only will you be able to score some great deals on fall decor items, you’ll be helping some charities also! Win/Win!


Fall textures


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