Decorate With Spring Branches!

Apple Blossom Branch Decorating Vintage Window

I’ve been spreading spring branches all around my house! It’s amazing to see the decorative power a few humble branches can accomplish when placed in a container or attached to a frame with a simple nail and wire.

I had some leftover apple blossoms from the store. Think we picked them up at Michaels last year at this time. I popped a couple of them in an old cider jug, filled with wood, pencil-like sticks I scored auction treasure hunting {Here}. The sticks help disguise the less-than pretty plastic stems and provide some texture. (I should maybe add a couple more inches, don’t ya think?)


I also added some varied pink apple blossoms to my baskets of sticks on either side of the fireplace. I always have the backdrop of the sticks and switch out the foliage in front seasonally. It puts a smile on my face to see the pretty pink reflecting the pink ceiling this time of year.


I popped one more pink stem into my pretty, aqua, blob-top soda bottle I learned about {Here}. And added a cute origami flower {Here} with some sticks for added interest. I love how the little dash of pink and aqua highlight the colors in the globe and spring’s up the whole junky grouping. The vintage cameras {Here}, the fan and the globe really turn this into a “these are a few of my favorite things” type of vignette!

Vintage fan, globe, and cameras

I had two spring branches that had more of an arching habit and decided they could give my architectural windows a little spring-time punch rather than the usual wreath. I tapped a couple little nails into the frames and wired them on with some tan bindwire.


Hate to be a tease, but the whole scene’s not quite finished on this one…stay tuned!

The window over the piano got the pretty, pink branch and serves as a nice backdrop to some of my R.A. Frost springtime prints {Here}.

Apple blossoms on an antique window is a fresh change from the usual wreath.

Our back hall (and main) entry celebrates the springtime necessity of birds building their nests. A bare white frame gives me an unlimited canvas to display seasonal inspiration. The vintage school art was done by one of the dear contributors we had in our store. There’s quite a bit of Elisabeth’s art throughout my house;) I added a simple green branch to the bottom of the frame and nestled a vintage bird and nest into the corner.


Even my outside pots shed their winter wear and got treated to a couple of fake forsythia branches. Hopefully soon I can add some fresh pansies to them!

Forsythia branches in outside planters

And while I was enjoying the 50 degree weather, I grabbed my pruners and snipped some lilac and crabapple branches to make a couple Easter trees:

Lilac branches in water with Easter decorations.


Easter tree in enamelware coffeepot.

Make sure you Pin this image to remind yourself!

And by the way…

Spring hangar on bedspring.

Happy Spring!

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