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  1. Cindy Craw says:

    Hi, Lora, I have a spray-paint related question I hope you can help me with. I have several clear glass vases that I wanted to spray paint in Krylon Premium Metallic Copper Brilliance. I sprayed one vase and the color was awful. It’s more of a brown, dirty penny look and not in the least bit like a shiny new penny. The finish was evenly applied, but was powdery like a hammered paint. Once it dried, I tried to gently rub off the powder to get a smoother finish. Some paint actually came off on my hands, but the finish still wasn’t even smooth. Shiny? It is not. The glass was clean. Is it the paint? Does spray-paint not cover glass well even though the instructions say it can be used on glass? I was painting outside in 80 degree dry weather under the porch in the shade, but could it have been the temperature? I’ve never had problems with other spray paints in this location. What could the problem be? My results were nothing like I expected or wanted. The vase is barely tolerable as is. I painted it with 3 light coats. Should I try more thin coats? Thank you for any advice you can give to me. Cindy

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Cindy, I’m not familiar with that brand (and haven’t done much with metallics) but was wondering if it has primer included, or maybe if you should try priming first? My other thought is you could try doing a white under the copper, which could be resolved with a white primer coat first. I know when I’ve done faux painting, I sometimes have to paint a layer of white for the true color to show up. I’m also wondering if you should seal it with a finish coat to seal in that powdery texture and also give it a little sheen. Hopefully your glass vases weren’t that expensive and you can experiment a little! Good luck; would love to hear how it goes!

      1. Cindy Craw says:

        Hi again, Lora! I finally got back to my vase-painting project. I very lightly sanded the copper paint and smoothed the finish on the vase. I painted over the copper with White Rustoleum 2X Ultra Cover Paint + Primer. This time, I used Rustoleum Copper Metallic Finish and the vase looks like I envisioned it would in the first place. It has a wonderful, rich copper sheen. From now on, I’m always using a white undercoat no matter what color I plan to spray clear glass. Like you said, a layer of white allows the true color to show up. Thank you! Cindy

        1. Lora Bloomquist says:

          I’m so glad you had success, Cindy! Thanks for letting me (and others) know!

  2. Sarah Robberstad Chaney says:

    That piece is well loved in its new home!

    1. I’m glad it went to a good home, Sarah…because I secretly would have loved to keep that cutie if I had the room!