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  1. Now I know why my floral arrangements looked so bad. Thanks for the wonderful tips.

    1. Too funny, Debra! Here’s to pretty flower arrangements with a tropical touch all around your home!

    1. Thanks homeonthecorner ladies! I guess that yellow pitcher collection has just grown over the years…most other people collect the white ones!

  2. I’m glad it cheered you on this rainy, cold day Shelly! And glad you’ll think about your produce drawer next time you’re arranging flowers!

  3. Glady Blomquist says:

    Loved every bouquet. You are something else, Lora

      1. Shelly Torola says:

        Charming! The combination of flowers & fruit/ veggies is one I wouldn’t have thought of. Also like the idea of separating bouquet to stretch the loveliness– your “new” bouquets look great! Grouping your pitchers only added to the cheeriness, a definite plus on this cold, gray day.