How To Create Vintage Tart Mold Wall Art

Vintage Molds

Vintage Molds are nostalgic and classically beautiful. Their metallic sheen, subtle texture and myriad of shapes finds me scooping them up whenever I find them! They hold so many creative possibilities! I’ve created “Tart Mold Pedestals” out of the larger jello molds, and fashioned some pumpkins out of a few copper ones I came across {“Tart Mold Pumpkin How-To”}. Since one of my favorite Christmas cookies used to be my Scandanavian Grandma’s sandbakkels, I decided the sparkly molds should become wall art for my kitchen! Here’s the easy how-to if you’re a vintage molds hoarder like me;)

Find an old board to create your art and equip it with some wall hanging hardware before you start.

Lay out a design with your molds. I used all the same molds to create a wreath and then tried a variety of different molds for a tree. A star shape could be fun for Christmas, too. Or try a different shape altogether for a non-holiday look.

Vintage sandbakkel wall art

Glue the molds on with a strong glue. I use E6000, but it does need to dry for 24 hours. Yes, I know it’s hard to be patient when the crafting bug has hit;)

Once dry, screw in an eye hook at the top of the wreath. This will give you an anchor to place a ribbon and/or greenery. (I purposely laid out the wreath with this in mind, making sure there were two molds at the top, so I could place the eye hook in between).

Sandbakkel wreath

Sandbakkel wall art

For a little sparkle, I added some glitter I had on hand around the edges. I used a spray adhesive and then simply shook the glitter around.

Sandbakkel Tree


I love how the different shaped molds look like ornaments on the tree shape! Add a trunk if you’d like of a different material. I used an old wooden thread spool.

A simple, easy project using a humble material!

Vintage sandbakkel wreath

Sandbakkel Tree

If you have an old recipe card written in beautiful script with the sandbakkel recipe, it would make a good partner in a frame nearby. Even better if it’s written by your grandma!

I just love using vintage items in a new, unique way and enjoying their nostalgia and beauty around my home…especially during the holidays!


Vintage sandbakkel art pin

Sandbakkel wall art Pin


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14 thoughts on “How To Create Vintage Tart Mold Wall Art

  1. Love both of these Lora! So fun and what a great use for the tart tins and molds. I have a rather large collection myself and love repurposing them. It’s a bit of an obsession. Pinned!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the fact that you glued them on; you could probably unglue them with a heat gun if you ever wanted to use them; they haven’t been changed structurally. I still have a collection of “copper” (most of them are aluminum) Jello molds and I love them and even occasionally used them; they are great for molding polenta!. Did make 2 Christmas decorations with 2 tart molds I found this year; don’t run across as many here in Maine.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These are so pretty! I’ve been collecting molds, but wasn’t sure what I would do with them…there are so many options. I really like the tree shaped one you made. You found some shapes I have yet to find in my travels.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Dottie! I had the wreath idea first, but then the tree idea came so I could enjoy all the wonderful shapes together! It seems like there’s always more shapes to found:) It’s what makes the hunt fun, right?


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