Advent Calendar, Junker Style

Divided Drawers create an Advent Calendar

Truth be told, I never did the Advent Calendar thing with my kids…and they turned out just fine;) But when I saw Refresh Restyle’s “Farmhouse Advent Calendar” made out of a printer’s drawer last week on Funky Junk’s “DIY Salvaged Junk Projects”, the gears started turning.

I’m sorry if I’m giving you late notice, since December 1 is nigh, but this type of project just came to me…creative inspiration, right? Gotta run with it!

I still just love my Divided Drawer Centerpiece {“Divided Drawer Centerpiece: From Workbench to Centerpiece”} that I refreshed and used first for my Easter Table {“Add Luscious Layers to your Tablescape”}, and then for my daughter’s grad party {“Use Vintage Finds and Refreshed Junk as Unique Serving Pieces and Centerpieces”}. I’m always coming up with new ways to use it around the house; guess I’m a cubby-loving junker!

As it was waiting for it’s next inspiration, I realized it had 12 cubbys (duh, I know). Then I remembered another 12 cubby piece I had leftover from doing inventory for the store {“Do I Miss it?”}. Hmmm…12 + 12 = 24. I’m math challenged, but somehow it all came together! I knew I had a lot of scrabble letters {see “Have Fun with Old Word Games”} but knew I was short with numbers.

And I just happened to be heading to the thrift store to DROP OFF a whole load. So I just “popped” in to check;)

Vintage Rummy-Cue Game

I found numbers! And plenty of red and green numbers (well, maybe not quite enough…but close).

I simply stacked my junky drawers, added a little box I had used in the back hall to the top,{Bedspring Fall Styling in the Back Entry”} hiding it’s sunflower decal, and started playing with candy and little boxes!

Drawer Advent Calendar

Washi tape worked well to stick the numbers to the drawer, except on the rougher surface of the top one; but it might have been the 30 degree weather too;( I ran out of red and green numbers when I got into the 20’s, but I think the other colors created a playful style. Unfortunately there wasn’t a 0, but I improvised:

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Little jewelry boxes were wrapped with vintage wrapping paper, and colorful Christmas candy worked for treats.

Advent Calendar created from divided drawers.

Unique Advent Calendar

I stacked some gold-foil-wrapped candy to create a star for the top:

Create, vintage-inspired Advent Calendar

An easy, peasy Advent Calendar…if you’ve got the junk, like me! Whenever you come across a vintage divided drawer…definitely scoop it up! You’ll love the possibilities!


Create an Advent Calendar from divided drawers.


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13 thoughts on “Advent Calendar, Junker Style

  1. This is a great idea to display all those little vintage Christmas decorations that I never know what to do with. Also a great alternative to a Christmas tree. You wouldn’t have to use it as an actual Advent calendar. At the rate I am going, I will never get my tree up, so I might just have to think about this as an alternative! Thanks for the cute idea!

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