Add Luscious Layers to your Tablescape

Pretty Easter Table

A beautifully bedecked festive table is as well thought out and crafted as the meal served on it. It takes creativity, time and effort to achieve, but the end result conveys love and care for those special people gathered around. I’ll share with you today how I layered the elements for my garden-pretty inspired Easter tablescape.

Despite the fact that I own a ba-zillion vintage tablecloths, I chose to go the no-iron route and drape the table with 2 lengths of burlap seamed down the middle:

Burlap table cloth

Here’s my thought process: I’m going to have a lot of busy patterned, bright colors on this table so I need a neutral, calm background as a backdrop. I’m also going to have a lot of feminine, frilly items and want to temper them with the rustic, more masculine burlap as a foundation…kind of like the dirt and wood chips at the base of all the pretty flowers in the garden.

My Divided Drawer Centerpiece {Here} with it’s character-rich wood also has the rustic beauty to contrast with the pretty vintage fabric eggs it contains.  A square of fake grass underneath sets it off from the burlap tablecloth. Both the grass and the pansy pots inside provide fresh texture of foliage.

Leaf placemats on a spring table

Leafy placemats, purchased from Pier 1 will set off each place setting and give the plates, glasses and other items a foundation to build upon. These could easily be made by glueing fake leaves onto circles of felt. I’d like to try it sometime!

Floral china on a garden-inspired table.

Floral plates and rosy thumbprint vintage glasses provide garden-like freshness with the leafy backdrop. The flatware is tucked into my Swedish Huck Utensil pockets {Here} , easily created from a vintage towel. A pretty aqua and white plaid linen napkin is folded behind, adding yet another layer and texture.

Pansy pot at each place setting.

Then for some real foliage and texture, place a Pansy Pot with some extra prettiness {Here} to each place setting. A name tag could be tied here also. To add a little junky element, each setting has a Tart Mold Pedestal {Here} with a yummy nest tucked in. (This is the dessert before the dessert!)

And each tablescape should have a little flicker for specialness. I grabbed a couple antique, handled glass baskets and placed a simple votive candle in them. Their ruffled edges echo the leafy placemats.

Colorful springtime table setting.

Do you see how all the colors in the floral plates are represented on the table, and how the burlap grounds the whole scene?

To add to the garden-inspired freshness, use serving pieces with a leafy motif, like these vintage pottery pieces:

Vintage leafy pottery serving pieces

This garden inspired table could be appreciated just as much for a Mother’s Day brunch or a garden club party if the eggs in the drawer centerpiece were swapped out for some vintage garden tools!

Springtime table setting.

Springtime tablescape

Springtime table setting featuring vintage elements

Mr. Bunny looked over the whole scene from his perch in the bay window and was pleased at the Mr. MacGregor garden-inspired scene:

A bunny and tulips.

Instead of placing the tulips in a simple vase, I tucked them in floral tubes of water and poked them into the galvanized pots of parsley. A couple of snipped lilac branches adds some twiginess.

This tablescape was specially crafted and created over time. I first sewed the Swedish Huck Utensil Pockets, whose weaving reminded me of Easter Egg decorations. The bright, pastel colors inspired me to decoupage some large styro eggs with pretty vintage fabrics and trims, which led me to refresh the Divided Drawer to display them! I dug the burlap tablecloth out of my store leftovers pile and picked up the leafy placemats just the other day. I potted up the pansies in clay pots to give a potting shed vibe to the whole scene. (All the links to these projects are above).

Luscious Layers…that’s how I describe a beautifully layered tablescape such as this. Create your theme, craft some uniqueness with vintage items, and then layer the prettiness. Your guests will feel the love even before the wonderful food gets served!

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5 thoughts on “Add Luscious Layers to your Tablescape

  1. An adorable, fresh spring theme…did you wash the burlap before sewing/seaming and placing as your “backdrop”?


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