Vintage Fabric Wreath


We’ve had your typical gloomy, rainy, springtime weather here in MN. I decided that to lift my spirits, I’d look at some happy vintage fabric…and I maybe wanted to empty a bin and finally create a couple of the ideas that have been floating around in my head for a couple years! …yes, years.

So I got out my trusty ironing board and grabbed some pretty-smelling linen spray. I popped on some Enya and got ironing.

The beauty of vintage fabric always makes me smile.

vintage fabric scraps

Hmmm…what could I make with these so I could enjoy them everyday rather than having them languish in a bin in the closet?

I grabbed a straw wreath form that had been hanging in my room-18″, and started cutting rectangles of all the pretty fabrics.

straw wreath form

fabric rectangles were cut at 12" x 4"

Once all the fabric rectangles were cut, I arranged them in a pleasing way, placing like colors near each other, overlapping each piece just a bit to cover the straw.Once I got a combo I liked, I used fabric tacky glue to glue the strips to the back, folding over the outside, so no rough edges were showing.

Vintage fabric rectangles overlapped slightly on the straw wreath.

vintage fabric on straw wreath form

(The pic looked pretty boring in the middle, so I decided to frame my logo;)

I was pretty happy with my efforts so far. Definitely was helping with the gloomy day situation! But an artist needs to know when to keep going and when to stop tweaking the masterpiece…and this wreath didn’t feel done quite yet.

More vintage texture needed. Dig in the stash…I found some of the crocheted edging that came off of some pillowcases that had become threadbare. This is why it’s good to have a stash!

vintage fabric wreath with crocheted pillow edging

Now it’s starting to have the charm of an old quilt, right? But I needed that cherry on the top to finish it off. Enter the button stash…

Button flowers added to the vintage fabric wreath.

Hot gluing some buttons in the shapes of flowers and a leaf were just what this cutie needed to finish it off:



And a little extra pillow edging hot glued on for a hangar:


Now to hang my ray of sunshine! I decided all this sweetness needed a little rustic, industrial to balance it out. And my galvanized cubbys at the bottom of the stairway needed some springtime duds.

vintage fabric wreath displayed on industrial sorter

Guess you could say, “It’s Time for Spring!” (Sorry for the over-edited pic; really hard to get a bright shot in a dark, gloomy spot:(

I added a couple of my Easter trees that are now starting to bud out. The lilac branch buds are green and the crabapple branch buds are rose.

vintage spring industrial display

Easter tree branches, budding out.

WreathDisplay5  WreathDisplay6

Bunnies, flower frogs, wood thimbles, vintage bottles, and origami flowers can all be enjoyed, along with some spring flowers, leaves and moss. It’s like a symphony of spring all coming together like a vintage quilt (and you know I love old quilts).

vintage fabric wreath on industrial sorter

And this Vintage Fabric Wreath was oh so easy to make! Grab some items from your stash and get cutting and gluing. It will bring some sunshine to your gloomy days! It’s like making a charming quilt for the wall, without all the sewing!

Make sure you Pin to remember (and let others know)!

how to make a vintage fabric wreath

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6 thoughts on “Vintage Fabric Wreath

  1. Lora, you have some gorgeous vintage fabrics. You’re right, the added trims and buttons are the icing on the cake. Super cute! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


  2. This is adorable and easy…I think I could make it. I definitely have the fabric, lace and buttons to do it….just have to get the wreath form. Pinned this to my I Love Wreaths board. Love the vintage look of it to hang anywhere.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AnnMarie,
      It was easy and if you’ve got fabrics and buttons already, you’re well on the way. I’m sure you could use a styro wreath form also; I just had this straw one laying around. Good Luck!


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