Selling Tips: Growing Grass, Selling Grass


Every March for the last 5 years I’ve started some grass seed on my bay window, in anticipation of selling it at the store to Easter and springtime-excited customers. The aroma of soil is good medicine when one cannot garden outside quite yet.


Adding some fresh grass into all the nooks and crannies of the vintage and junk items, helped them sell better and added life to each vignette.

Another bonus of planting some grass was clearing out some dog-tired containers. Adding some  cheap grass seed and some misting time to vintage mixing bowls, teacups, pottery…anything you have laying around, and you’ve got instant profit!


Some years our growing attempts were more successful than others. But we usually sold most of what we grew, especially if April was a cold month. Customers loved adding a pot of grass to their kitchen window or to their Easter centerpiece.

Here’s what we made in “grass profit” through the years as an encouragement to all you entrepreneurs selling in booths and stores:

2011: $125, plus 22.50 in bags of grass seed

2012: $40

2013: $64

2014: $51

2015: $74

2016: $137

Like I said, some grass growing years the discipline of misting and sunshine at home was lacking, so our supply was down. But totally worth the effort for some almost free profit!

All it takes is a little potting soil, some grass seed and some containers. Soup cans and glass jars actually work great.


Sprinkle your grass seed onto the soil and add a little more soil over the top. Keep seed moist till it sprouts. Adding some plastic wrap over the top creates a greenhouse effect till you see some green sprouting up. When shoots are 1/2 inch, you can take off the plastic wrap. Continue to mist daily or more often, depending how sunny your spot is. As your grass grows taller, you may need to give it a haircut with some scissors!


The containers of grass look wonderful by themselves, or decorate them up with some Origami flowers, some live flowers inserted into a tube of water, or some eggshells and birdseed for Easter.



So whether you’re selling it or enjoying it in your own home, plant some blades of grass this week because we’re celebrating everything green!

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growing grass in a vintage cup

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10 thoughts on “Selling Tips: Growing Grass, Selling Grass

  1. Thanks for the suggestion to sell these in a booth. I pinned this on my board for my fur friends since they enjoy eating grass, which could be another selling point, especially if placed in a container geared toward animal lovers…


  2. Is there a special kind or brand of grass seed you prefer? Teachers at preschool looking to grow some in classrooms with kiddos..


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