Porch Decorating Fun


We’ve had such an extended fall here in Minnesota, it’s been hard to get myself motivated to decorate for the season. But when the forecast called for a winter weather advisory a couple weeks ago, I jumped into action, clearing all my garden beds and finishing up my outside projects. {Also finishing up some outside painting projects.} I got all four of my spruce tip bundles perfectly arranged in their pots on the front step, by the garage, and by the patio door and the back door. I felt so good about it. Then we got one of those spring-like, wet, heavy, beautiful snowfalls…


And I thought, “Oh, great…I finally get the pots all pretty, and now I won’t even get to enjoy them if this all freezes.”

Luckily the mildness came back, and we’re back to green grass again. Not that I wouldn’t enjoy a light, pretty, snowfall making everything white, but it has enabled me to have a little more fun decorating the porch. Which is what I did today after scoring an armload of cute blankets and scarves at the thrift store yesterday!

dsc_0215-6edit  dsc_0225-5edit


Without snow, the pots on the deck were looking a little boring with only their lights, hydrangeas, and birch branches, so I added some silvery foliage I picked up at Hobby Lobby, and some black and white houndstooth, wired ribbon. Now I can enjoy them, even without a sprinkling of snow.

I also added the silver and ribbon to the Costco wreaths I bought for both the front and back doors. Simple and classic. When I painted the swing a pretty, grey, oops paint color, I also whipped the brush over a couple of old shutters I had. I decided the back wreath would stand out more when hung on the grey shutters. I was happy with the result.



I added a pair of vintage skis leftover from the store, and a stick, letter “B” that I made over the weekend to my between-the-windows vignette.

My mom scored the adorable aqua skates for me last summer, and I added them to my favorite green glider, along with a red/green Faribou blanket I picked up at the thrift store. I was really hoping to find one. We used to sell them like hotcakes at the store, and I never had a Christmas one for myself.

To the left of the door, I always place something heavy so my screen door won’t blow open like crazy. I added a perfectly patinaed, rusty birdbath I picked up S.O.R.(side of the road), to my chrome birdcage sitting on an old desk chair base. With some extra greens and some candles, they’ll be a perfect, seasonal greeting for guests!



Even my antique stove doesn’t get forgotten in the winter. I added some greens to my vintage watering cans, put more dogwood branches and hydrangeas in one of my pots, and added another thrift store blanket and hat to the vignette. Santa’s watching over to see if I’m naughty or nice. This classic red/green Christmas combo reminds me of my Classic Christmas decorating theme a couple years ago, Here.

dsc_0219-5edit  dsc_0221-6edit  dsc_0220-6edit

Outside my patio door, I decked out the freshly painted swing, {find out when we first got it and where HERE} and added some cuteness to my glasstop coffee table. I placed a green, vintage S.O.R. cooler inside, and dressed up an aqua wire basket with a scarf petticoat, filling it with a thermos and a plaid lunchbox. An old stove part looks adorable with a glowing candle inside, placed inside a wreath of greens.




Even the lamppost got a little merriment for the season!


I just love having the canvas of a wraparound porch to have fun with winter and Christmas styling! Now for the inside…

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3 thoughts on “Porch Decorating Fun

  1. Your outdoor decorating is spectacular, Lora!! I love your use of the hounds tooth throughout your displays. You’ve got some serious talent 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up your posts with us at Vintage Charm!

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