“Finally” Projects


Am I the only one that has a constant list of “one-of-these-days” projects going on in my head? Is it a plague of being a DIYer? Honestly, if I could just pay someone  a crew of people to come to my house and complete all the intended projects I’ve been putting off for years…Santa?

So that’s what I’ve been working on, with our extended fall weather being an extra bonus. Because when it’s above 50, you can still paint outside!


I got our 10 year anniversary bench sanded, primed, and painted a light grey. Yes, this was a test of my patience; not much coffee involved. We bought this bench near Lanesboro, MN from an Amish store. We had just moved into the fake farmhouse, and I’d always dreamed of living in a house with a swinging porch bench. Years ago, I had it sprayed with interior paint to save myself the pain of brushing it; this time I was going to do it right. Can’t wait to doll it up for Christmas (once it gets hung)! {see it all decorated in it’s Christmas finery, here}


Finally got the bay window trim painted white! We had to replace two more of the glass panes, so we can see clearly out now. Mr. Fix-it has created the trim in 95% of the house, bringing this old house back to it’s roots from some very bad 60’s orange/brown trim. With the bay being white instead of brown, the whole room looks bigger. I still have to scrape and clean the windows on the inside.


Our back door has only had one coat of aqua on it since Big Boy’s grad party in…2014? Oh, how can that be? I was also scrubbing all the dirty fingerprints off the white trim and realized I’ll be touching that up next spring before the next grad party! I will be so much happier entering this clean and freshly painted entrance this winter!


And lastly, I’m finally painting the antique doors that this particular kitchen cupboard was created for many years ago. I took them off a big cupboard my grandma had in her basement for her canned items. They had thick, dark, green paint on them, but I loved them for the old, wavy glass. I started stripping them years ago, which was a mess. I decided some chippy white milk paint would be an easier fix. Stay tuned to see the outcome. {See the beautiful final project, here}

Which makes me realize…none of these “finally” projects are really done, except for maybe the door! But at least I’m getting a lot closer, right?

What are some of your “one-of-these-days” projects that you want to be a “finally” project? I could still fill at least one more page…

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2 thoughts on ““Finally” Projects

  1. Love the color you chose for your swing, Lora. Yes, I have scads of projects I hope to get to one day. Top of the list: stain my stair railing and stair treads & paint my kitchen cupboards. Sigh. Someday, right? Thanks so much for linking up your posts with us at Vintage Charm 🙂

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    1. Diana,
      My stairway and bannister is at the top of my list, along with painting the kitchen, but think they both are 2017 projects now! I’m not jealous of your kitchen project idea…whew! Thanks for the comment!


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