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  1. Michelle LaRue says:

    Getting ready for a Vintage Market is messy!! My fireplace mantel has “spring” but OH MY….the rest of the house, not so much! Finishing up projects, putting price tags on, putting in totes by door AND it snows!! Mudville again!! To the trailer next weekend, snow/muddy mess should dry up by then, right? I love your bird prints hung by magnets….makes me think about some flower prints….hmmmm. Thanks for providing inspiration!
    Hugs from Iowa,

    1. Oh, Michelle, I feel your pain! Been there many times; once had a whole driveway of freshly painted milk painted furniture & it started raining-arghh! Hang in there! Your customers will be thrilled with the results:) Good Luck!

  2. Cheryl Jarl says:

    Looks familiar, my house is in transition mode too. I had the very same thought the other day, if someone walked in right now they would be rather overwhelmed. To you and I, this is nothing, we did it every month at the store. Now it’s just on a smaller scale. I love making our home fresh again.

    1. KInd of nice to only have to do it for our own houses, isn’t it, Cheryl? So much less square feet…! And no scary, flooded basement?.