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  1. Michelle LaRue says:

    I love the back,vintage florals make me smile!
    I have a quilt that my dad made!! When he was 12 he had “double pneumonia” (since he had several blood clots later in life I believe it was probably a pulmonary embolism….one of my brothers & my daughter are life time Coumadin takers!) ANYWAYS….his mother had him make a quilt while he was recovering. He did hand embroidery of a circus on a white background with a red/white checked border and he embroidered his name and age!! I also have a quilt hanging in my bedroom that used to be on my Grandma’s bed. Thanks for sharing! Hope you feel better!
    Hugs from Iowa,

    PS….I get that junkers mentality!!

    1. What a family treasure, Michelle! And what a wise mother to keep her son’s mind & hands busy while he was laid up; not an easy task to keep his spirits up, I’m sure (especially without technology!) Thanks for sharing your memories!

  2. It’s beautiful and I’m glad you’ll treasure it, as it deserves. The patches were more likely cut from scraps of new fabric, than of old clothes. We tend to underestimate how much wear even our clothes get. If you think back 100 years, with harsher soaps, sun drying, and fewer clothing items in rotation, clothing was pretty used up by the time someone quit wearing it. But there is enough variety in your patches that the quilter may have exchanged scraps with friends. The peach and the backing fabric likely were new purchases, since there is so much of them. Lucky you!

    1. Thanks for the great insight, Melanie! And yes, they wore their clothes hard back then. I got a whole tub of antique clothes years ago and was amazed at the repair they had done to keep them functionable. The fabric was so thin. I soaked the whole bunch and have been ripping them and turning them into rag balls for years. Just love all that vintage fabric so much!