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  1. It’s all so beautiful!!😍 Oh my goodness those pitchers are so neat! I better write that name down and be on the lookout for them!!

  2. Lora, love the vintage mix the cage, and that fab dresser!

  3. So pretty, Lora! I especially love the birdcage! Pinned.
    Niky @ The House on Silverado

  4. This is the cutest spring vignette, Lora! I love every detail but especially the vintage birdcage. And you nailed the perfect shades of green. Absolutely love it, my friend.

  5. Your green chest is the perfect piece to style a spring vignette! I love the pitchers, the birdcage, everything! And the way you describe and help others know what’s in your mind while doing it is wonderful. Love what you’ve done! Thank you for joining us. You know I adore your vintage style.

  6. I have never been a fan of green…until lately! I adore your green dresser, and all the vintage touches! It’s definitely a color I’ll be on the lookout for more! All your goodies are displayed so beautifully and I’m sending you warm, humid Texas hugs in the hopes that your Winter is over soon!!

  7. Spot on, for enjoying Spring inside. I am truly ready for Spring so hoping this is the last snow we get but, not holding my breath. When you go to bed or wake in the morning this beautiful Spring vignette is what you’ll see.

  8. Lora your pretty spring vignette is full of vintage charm, and I can’t think of a better setting than your dresser. Every detail is perfection my friend!

  9. Love the spring ideas! Specially the bird cage which I have a smaller version but it still gave me a great idea for it! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Lora-you always have the most beautiful vignettes! I receive TONS of inspiration from you! Thank you.

  11. Lora, I love that you used so many vintage elements. The birdcage balanced with the lamp is a great idea. The brown vintage bottles with the succulents are a wonderful point of interest.

  12. Sarah Stuber says:

    I love your green dresser and the whole spring vignette ! Snowing here in WI right now also but I am getting in the mood to change my house decor too. Love seeing your name in my inbox !

  13. Rebecca Payne says:


  14. Rebecca Payne says:


  15. Hi Lora!! That DRESSER! Oh my gosh it’s stunning!!! Your vignette is beautiful..I love the color palette that you chose. I’m in MN too and am looking at the snow storm raging outside right now. Your cute little robin reminds that spring WILL come eventually. Thanks for sharing, hope you have a happy day!

  16. Lora,
    I love this look so very much! Green is my favorite color so I’m smitten with that chest. I love the use of birds, old books, and the touches of silver. Early spring perfection!

  17. Hi Lora
    I love the vintage birdcage! Love it! It really anchors the table! It looks great!
    Happy Day! laura

  18. Lora,
    I love your beautiful vignette. The colors work so well with your dresser. Beautiful.