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  1. Very thoughtful post, Lora, with lots to think about 🙂 I am most definitely in the business of selling–the best, quickest, most profitable way I can. I don’t keep a lot for myself and every item in my booth is priced. Every. Item. I’m with you–I hate NFS and I hate unpriced goods, too.

  2. I think I am both!! I definitely have stuff in my Etsy shop and booth that I don’t want to sell. I don’t have a use for it at my home and it looks really good in my shop, so there it is! It usually has a very high price on it too! Then there’s that stuff that I am not so crazy about and I want to sell it. I do love to keep buying and I usually buy what I love, so that is where so many of us junkers get in trouble! There is usually at least one treasure for me to keep in all my outings.