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  1. Your spindle carrots are fantastic. An idea I must persue.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Definitely do, Linda!

  2. LOVE these spindle carrots Lora! We are sharing this project this week over on the Creative Crafts Linky Party! Thanks for joining in the FUN!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Wonderful, Beth! Thanks so much:)

  3. Adorable Lora! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm–pinned!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, Cecilia!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      I’m glad I caught him before he did, too, Michelle! Kind of makes me wonder what other cool junk he’s burned:( After 20+ years of repurposing vintage junk , he still doesn’t get it; I give up! I just have to keep a close eye…

  4. Your spindle carrots are AWESOME, Lora! I like them so much better than mine (thank you for the shout out BTW). Such a great idea of making heirloom carrots and another great idea adding them to a Spring wreath! Pinned both the carrots and the wreath 🙂

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, Marie! When I saw yours and Sarah’s, I just knew I had to make some this year! They are so. much. fun.

  5. Adorable wreath, Lora!!! I hadn’t seen your other hose(s) wreaths but I had seen some of your carrots. I LOVE the purple carrots as they look sooo real! Fun, fun idea!!! <3

    Sending you virtual hugs,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, Barb! I had so much fun with those carrots!

  6. Such a unique idea, love the colors of the carrots and the butterfly really stands out!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      My eye just craves all the pretty, vibrant Spring colors this time of year!

  7. Lora, this is such a cute idea. I will now look for spindles at flea markets and garage sales. I really like that you used different colors for your colors. More natural for a spring wreath. Great explanation too. Happy spring and hopping.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, Carol! Good luck on your spindle hunt; hope we get some Spring treasure hunting in this year!

  8. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I love these carrots, great idea and so cute. The colors really are nice together.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      I had way too much fun with them, Marlene:) Thx!

  9. How cute! I love how you made them different colors!


    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Trying to go heirloom-rainbow colored, Tania. I might make a few rosy-red ones, too! They were fun!

  10. You come up with the best ideas! I adore your carrot spindles and the wreath that you made using a few of them is as cute as can be. I also love the hose wreaths that you made in the past. They are perfect for hanging on a garden shed or on a porch.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks for your sweet compliments, Paula! My brain does come up with all kinds of crazy, junky ideas; wish my hands could keep up!

  11. Julie Briones says:

    I have LOTS of spindles (I cannibalized an old chair), and I SO want to make some spindle carrots! So pretty that you made them in all different colors, too!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      You’re well on your way, then, Julie! Think I might want to add a few rosy red ones, too, now that I found some pictures on google! They’re so fun to decorate with!

  12. Lora, what a great way to re-purpose the spindles. I love your wreath and the hose wreath as well. Hope you are staying safe and healthy!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Glad we’ve got Spring decorating and DIY to help our mindset these days, Terrie!

  13. The wreath is fantastic! I even loved them all clumped together. I have several and was just waiting for the perfect idea. Love it! Thank you for joining in this month. Stay safe my creative blogging Bestie!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      I’ve got so many old spindles hanging around here, I just had to come up with another project to make with them! Loved all the variety this time around! Thanks for rounding us up!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, Amy! I’m spreading the rest of them around the house:)

  14. Lora,

    Absolutely amazing!!! I love this and you always have a supply of great pieces and see the vision to turn them into something spectacular!!🥕🥕🥕


    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, Cindy! Yes, my stash of junk, craft supplies and decorating items is never ending! It all inspires me to create!Thank you!

  15. This is adorable. I am making some carrots today actually. I always love your crafts. They are so, so cute.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Fun, Katie! I love decorating with carrots this time of year; they’re perfect for Easter into gardening season.

  16. Lora, I knew you would come up with something totally unique and adorable! Love those carrots and the little bit of lichen moss on each one is the crowning touch.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, Michelle. I knew they needed another texture to bridge the wood and the greenery; luckily I had the lichen on hand!