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  1. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Pantries i thought were so hard to organize, but not for you. It does make me feel good to know someone else uses enamel and old refrigerator drawers for storage containers. Thanks for these ideas.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Pantries can be fun when you use vintage to organize! Glad someone else enjoys enamelware and old refrig drawers, Marlene!

  2. Joanne Taggart says:

    Lora, I love your walk-in pantry. You have given me a lot of creative ideas. I have been wanting and needing to organize and make look pretty and inviting our two small pantries and by gosh, I think it’s going to happen. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Glad you got some helpful ideas, Joanne! Good Luck!

  3. jIt’s wonderful when you can make a storage area beautiful and of interest! Most housework is so repetitive and boring, that being able to look at something you love as you do chores is so uplifting!

    1. You are so right, Kathy! And it probably reveals that I don’t really love housework, so making it pretty definitely helps me;)

  4. House of Hollingsworth Blog says:

    I love that you’ve created an old-fashioned walk-in pantry – it’s perfect. (I’ll be featuring your vintage pantry organisation at this week’s link party.) xx

  5. Looks great and I love that your pantry has a window! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  6. vintageliaison says:

    Your pantry is amazing! Wish I had a pantry. I too use my collection of enamelware to help organize my kitchen cabinets. They are great for storing all my baking supplies like chocolate chips and nuts. I also like to collect vintage bread boxes and use them all over the kitchen to hide stuff.

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I honestly don’t own a single bread box & was thinking I could use one to hide my many bread packages taking over my counter!

  7. Love your idea with the yard sticks and rules.