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    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Awesome, Amber! Thanks; will do!

  1. Thanks so much for sharing at the To Grandma’s House We Go DIY, Crafts, Recipes and More Link party! Pinned this! Hope you join us again next week!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Usually don’t miss it, Sheri! Thanks!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Your welcome, Michelle! Yes, the “Rust Lust” totally caught my eye…in many ways!

  2. I love shopping by colour. A few local thrift stores and booths at the antique market display this way.

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who loves when items are organized by color, Sandra!

  3. Great photos and what a fun event! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm–pinned!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, Cecilia! Thanks!

  4. So fun to see your JB visit! It brings back lots of good memories of my years there!
    Always great junk! So sorry I wasn’t able to meet up !

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      We’ll try again, Linda!

  5. mary scott says:

    Thanks for all the incredible photos. You & MMS look like sisters, for sure!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, Mary! Glad you enjoyed the recap!Such a fun show!

  6. That must have been a visual overload after surviving a big snow fall! Looks like fun!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      I can never get too much junk, Fonda;)