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  1. SUCH a fun post Lora–love your collection and how you displayed them!!

  2. Most of my collections are vintage dishes–jadeite, milk glass, pyrex…. I love how your enamelware! Thanks for sharing @Vintage Charm!

  3. vintageliaison says:

    I love your collection! I collect enamelware also, but have not limited it to just one type, like your tea pots. Your collection seems easier to handle than mine. I currently hang mine on the walls of the kitchen and dining room, mostly pots, bowls, colanders, utensils and such with a couple of tea/coffee pots thrown in for good measure. I like your idea of bringing different collections out seasonally. I would really like to do that with mine, as I really don’t have the space to display them all nicely at the same time. Last year I started selling some of my vintage collections and it has turned into a monster…I mean a nice little side business, so I need to get my inventory under control so I can get my house back in order. I am having loads of fun though, so I am happy.

    1. Fun that you have been able to sell some! That will feed the addiction even more, right? It legitimizes picking up more pieces! I’ve also amassed quite a few white with black larger enamelware & also some have large green, but I do use it all! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am partial to the photo with all {?} of your green pots. What a wonderful collection!

    I don’t seem to collect one thing over and over again, but I am a collector of various things…things that please me aesthetically. Some things, I have collected too much of, I’m sure, like pink things for the library. I have started to go through boxes that have stayed packed for quite some time, and I am hoping those go with our current house. The heat has kept me out of the garage. So has indecision. I have to get everything together on tables in the living room and library to figure out where to use the items. What a daunting task, at times. I’ll probably overly-keep and trade out occasionally. I also must have a garage sale very soon. Last one I had, there was a great turn out. I think that’s because garage/yard sales are few and far between. Also, I had scads of stuff. I got everything ready, then I took photos for Craigslist. Let’s hope I get it done in about a month or so. I live in near-coastal southeastern NC, so I have a little time yet.

    1. Fun to hear, Fonda! I knew there would be someone who liked all the green ones together!