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  1. Cindy Caretto says:

    Your vision was amazing and the execution stunning! Great job and beautiful piece that I think would go in just about any home!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      Thanks, Cindy! We really enjoy it:)

  2. What a fabulous repurpose, Lora! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  3. Katie @ Creatively Living says:

    I love it! Super cool. It turned out beautiful yet rustic, farmhouse & re-purposed! Awesome job!

  4. Oh my goodness does that roof rack bring back memories…and so does the car! Love how you repurposed it into a coffee table – impressive build! Pinned

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I”m with you on keeping the character of the wood, its too lovely to sand out or hide. This table is so so so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for your sweet compliments, Audra! The character old wood has acquired over the years just can’t be imitated! And if it’s combined with old metal-it just makes my heart happy:)

  6. Its awesome, i love diy and to make functional things from junk. If i may ask, do you sell any of your work?

    1. Thanks! I ‘d been selling for almost 20 years in many different venues, the last at my own store for 6 years. I stopped over a year ago and have been focusing on sharing my experience with others here on the blog since then! It’s nice to finally be able to keep the cool things for my own house;)

  7. Debbie Henderson says:

    Lora, I have to say how awesome this is! Great job and it’s nice to have a handy willing husband to work with, isn’t it? My favorite projects are a mix of vintage with a small update to make it useful!!

    1. Thanks, Debbie! I have to say he’s much happier working on projects we get to enjoy ourselves, rather than cranking them out to sell, fast & furiously! I love the perfect combo of function & beauty with all my vintage projects too:)

    1. Thanks for your kind compliment, Linda! My husband thinks I have way too many visions;)

  8. Elisabeth says:

    Way to go, Lora! It turned out awesome! What a great mix materials and it’s oh so functional too. Beautiful.

  9. Shelly Torola says:

    LOVE it!! If this was at Patina General back in the day, it would have caused a stampede ? Always fun to see what you come up with!

    1. It was originally intended for the store, Shelly, but one of those projects we hadn’t gotten to yet! I’m sure the PG crowd would have loved it, but the price I would have had to put on it probably would have scared them away;) I think my kids will be fighting over this one when we’re gone!