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  1. I love church rummage sales; in Maine they are getting scarcer than hen’s teeth as church’s populations age and decline. 4 of us did a yarad sale 2 years ago and it was a heckuva lotta work. We usually have great White Elephant tables at the Christmas bazaars though. Gorgeous vintage glass/china stuff most people don’t use anymore! I am always on the lookout for craft supplies as full price is so expensive now. Enjoyed your post very much!

    1. Lora Bloomquist says:

      I’m glad they’re still going strong in my area, Kathy! But I can tell from the age of all the workers, that their days are numbered. It will be a sad day for me when they’re gone:(

  2. Fonda Rush says:

    I just got this entry and one from 2012. Are the interwebs braided? Oh, well…

    1. Fonda,
      Thanks for commenting and following me! You probably got quite a few old posts in your inbox because I’m bringing some “oldies but goodies” over to my new site so they can be on a new post for today-a guide, “Where to find the good stuff”. I’m working on a better system for my readers to follow me in the future-stay tuned:)