Fall-Colored Brights in the Bedroom

Fall Decor in the Bedroom

Fall Decor doesn’t have to be limited to your main living spaces and your porch. Why not extend the season to your bedroom? Especially when right outside your window, the leaves are showing off their most beautiful colors!

I enjoy when the inside of my house reflects the outside colors. Probably why I switch up my decor so often, because here in MN, the colors of our seasons are very distinct.

A couple weeks back I showed you my enamelware teapot collection, displayed in artistic form, and gave you some ideas on how to creatively live with your collections {“How to Live with Your Collections without the Overwhelm”} I shared that I decided to use my enamelware teapots in our bedroom this fall, which is very different than last fall’s rustic, more subtle approach {“Mantle Shelf with Fall Textures”}.

If you also take a look at how I used a peacock blue accent color in here last winter {“Styling Tip: Using an Accent Color”}, you’ll begin to see how a basically neutral room (soft yellow wallpaper, white furniture, sisal-look carpet) can completely change depending on the accent colors you choose!

Enamelware Teapot display

This time the bright, exuberant colors of my vintage enamelware teapot collection inspired the decor of the whole room. I grabbed my brightly colored reader’s digest books and simply stood some up and stacked others. I had found the ampersand-cut book recently, which seemed fitting in our room. Pretty simple display style-lots of up and down, like a zig-zag. And quite symmetrical also.

Enamelware Teapots

I had so many teapots, they needed to be continued somewhere else, so I lined up the more subtle colored ones on the top of our big cupboard. The crisp white of the milkglass brings a modern touch to the fall colors. I am now completely addicted to making fabric pumpkins {“Fabric Pumpkin How-To”}. I knew I wanted to have a large pumpkin in each of the milkglass pieces. So I’ve been pumpkin-making crazy all week! I topped these larger ones off with old doorknobs:

Fall Decor in the Bedroom

Felt wreath made from cut out leaves.

Setting the pumpkins in a little bed of dried hydrangeas seemed to set them off perfectly. And the fun-colored felt wreath? Nothing fancy… I picked up a package of the leaf cut outs from Target a couple years ago and it’s taken me this long to get all the veining sewed. I finally hot glued them to a wire wreath form and added the pinecones. I love how their bright colors echo the colors of the teapots!

Fabric Pumpkins are fun fall decor.

Vintage Enamelware teapots.

Notice how some of the teapots have the black accent on the handles and on the rim? I used black to define all the bright colors. The black doorknobs set off all the bright colors, just like my black curtain rods are similar to an outline for the room.

I also hung 2 needlepoints my great grandma had stitched because they have the same bright colors. I had painted their frames black last year to really pop the colors and update the old wood frames. Do you see how the black outline continues around the room?

Needlepoint frames

Vintage Needlepoint

Garden Flowers

I am drawn to needlepoint in the fall because of it’s yarny texture. Fall is a time to pile on the layers of texture. The enamelware teapots are smooth and shiny, so adding the textural books, the fabric pumpkins, the needlepoint and the felt…it’s like building the layers of a wonderful meal. And then you top it all off with some freshly cut flowers from the late-season garden, pulling in all those amazing, vibrant fall colors!

Vintage and new bedlinens.

Fall Bedroom decor.

Our bed is dressed in a combination of vintage and new linens. The crisp, white shams echo the milkglass and set off all the fall colors. I added some fringe to these two “Sunflower Button Pillows” for some extra texture. The embroidered pillowcases have a touch of orange to coordinate with the orange damask bedspread. The yellow and white ticking vintage down pillows remind me of my grandma’s. The pillow buttons also give another touch of that black to pop everything.

Dried green hydrangeas

Have you been bringing in your hydrangeas to dry so you can use them all year long? {“Hydrangeas, Pick them Now”}. They are such a cheap, styling essential this time of year. I used them in all my kitchen cupboards, too {“Fall Kitchen Tour”}.

Hope this inspired you to decorate your home for fall! You’ve still got plenty of time! And it’s really more fun when the outside is looking more fall-ish too!

Fall leaves

Styling Takeaways:

Spread your seasonal decor beyond the usual rooms.

Use your collections as a foundational element, in an unexpected place.

Crisp White mixed with brights adds a more modern touch.

Define your decor with a black “outline”.


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