Fall Kitchen Tour


Easy Fall Centerpiece

Fall is slowly spreading throughout my home. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, I usually begin with this space to get me motivated to finish the rest of the house. Because once I start smelling the wonderful fragrances of autumn and fill my senses with the textural abundance fall brings, I am swept up with spreading it throughout my house.

I begin by swapping out my everyday dishes on our open shelves, which I shared in “5 Styling Ideas for Kitchen Shelves.” Once I get my fall bins out and empty my glass cupboards of the previous season, I assess what type of look I am going for.

My large bank of glass cupboards and open shelves can be kind of intimidating to begin. But this year I decided I wanted to feature vintage pottery. My grandma had collected quite a few pieces and it’s been catching my eye lately also.

As I glanced at the piles of stuff all over my kitchen for several days, I noticed a lot of my pottery had somehow landed to sit by color-whites, blues, greens, oranges, golds and browns. Hmm. When I color blocked my flowers {“Color Block Your Garden Bouquet for Visual Interest”}, I enjoyed the overall effect; colorful, but not busy.

And that’s how my kitchen cupboards ended up being color blocked also. See what you think:

Olive greens are like a neutral to balance out all the vibrant fall colors. Dried hydrangeas from the garden provide textural interest and continuity throughout. A wicker basket from a church sale and pinecones bring rustic texture to the shiny, smooth pottery.

Olive greens for fall.



Blue vintage pottery

Although fall is not a very long season, it spans from the beginning of school, to Halloween, all the way to Thanksgiving. In Minnesota, we just had 90 degree days, but may see mid-30’s by the end of November. In order to span this variety within one season, I like to add a little bit of each. Here I added an old book with the word, “thank” and also have a pumpkin and even a feather ball for hunting season.

Gold vintage pottery.


Golds and yellows are the color of fall sunshine. Adding some animals to the vignettes bring life. The subtle patterns of the relief on the pitchers, along with the stamped metal black design on this mod casserole carrier bring texture without busyness.

All together it’s a lot of stuff, but I think color blocking helps to ease the busy and pop each color more vividly. Of course, when I shut the doors, it really calms everything down.

Kitchen shelves for fall.

Using browns and blacks throughout all the shelves creates a foundation, and using the green hydrangeas on each provides consistency.

Let’s take a look at the right side:

Vintage coffee accessories

Brown accessories harken warm and cozy fall nights. A heat grate, along with coffee items and a candlestick evoke warmth, and some feathers and a hunting dog add to the fall theme.

Fall Accessories

These two orange pieces of pottery have lots of visual texture. Orange pumpkins, orange books and a little orange label on a vintage recipe box carry through the theme. The Polish serving plate in back adds a little bit of the hydrangea green to the mix.

White vintage pottery

Pottery in white tones is a subtle take on fall with natural brown accents and hydrangea green textures.

Do you have a favorite shelf?

I struggled with what to put in the middle of these busy shelves and honestly ripped apart my whole first display with a goose and a duck. I finally decided vintage books in all of these colors would provide texture and color. I added some metal accents for patina and some fall textural elements:

Antique heat grate

Vintage Books

Books are a wonderful styling prop. There are so many ways to use them. Get some more ideas in my post, “Decorating with Books, 101 and beyond”.

The biggest fall styling job is now complete! When I have so much busyness going on in these shelves, I do like to keep the counter fairly clutter-free. But I am thinking I could use some fall plaid bunting hanging under the cupboards…and I think I have the perfect quilt pieces stash to create some-stay tuned.

KitchenShelves for Fall

Fall is all about abundance, right? So I just keep adding on the textures…everywhere. But notice most of the textures are contained in something, which helps the visual busyness for me.

Here’s the rest of the fall kitchen tour:

Another of the church sale baskets I picked up recently {“Styling Tip: On the Hunt for Fall Textures“} got filled with fall bounty and a big rooster to greet us in the entry:

Harvest Basket

I swapped up some items on my back hall bedspring to add some orange to the sunflower display. {See the original display in “Bedspring Fall Styling in the Back Entry”}. As fall morphs, I just swap up a couple items to transition all the way to Thanksgiving.

Fall Bedspring Display

My chicken feeder got treated to hand-fulls of fall abundance. I just kept sticking in more fruit, leaves and pinecones:

Fall foliage

Fall Foliage

Fall Display

I brought out the fall plaid blankets and patchwork quilts to cozy up all our seating spots. { “Sunflower Button Pillow How-To”and “Men’s Suit Patchwork Quilts“}.

The kitchen is all fall-ed up! Now to finish the rest of the house and the porch for the season! Hope you got inspired!

Fall Kitchen Ideas

Brown artwork

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9 thoughts on “Fall Kitchen Tour

  1. Everything looks amazing! This is exactly like I want my house to look if I can get my shop inventory under control. I love how you have used all your vintage treasures and how it is all brought together with the hydrangeas. Just beautiful!

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  2. What wonderful arrangements. They work well by themselves, but when there are many to be seen, it is so pleasing . The colors and textures really draw me in. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

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