Easy Cake Mold Sunflower


Since we were all focusing on the sun today, with the historic Solar Eclipse, I decided it was a good week to celebrate sunflowers in all their late-summer glory! I’m starting with an easy upcycle that includes that cute, yellow cake mold I picked up thrifting last week {“Styling Tip: On the Hunt for Fall Textures”}.

Yellow Cake Mold

It was just asking me to make it into a sunflower for my early fall styling!

Here’s what I dug out of the basement: brown felt, a styrofoam cone, my brown buttons jar, and some leftover hydrangea leaves from my sister’s wedding 10 (!) years ago (I made some big wreaths for that extravaganza).

And of course my trusty glue gun!

I cut the styro cone to fit into the center hole of the cake mold pretty tightly. Then I glued some felt around it to cover the styro.

Then I started gluing on brown buttons to create the sunflower seed heads. I tried to cover all the felt.

Brown buttons.

Tip: To eliminate hot glue strings, heat with a regular hair drier to melt away when finishing your project.

When I had the brown felt all filled with buttons, I hot glued the brown seedhead into the cake mold middle and added a couple more around the base.

Brown buttons

Oooh, I like! This is what I pictured when I rescued the cake mold from the thrift store shelf!

Now for some leaves…

Cake Mold craft

More hot glue…don’t you love how easy it all is with a hot glue gun?

And then a little stretch of leather for a hanger:

Strip of leather hanger


An easy Cake Mold Sunflower, created while I watched the solar eclipse pass over the U.S.A!

Cake Mold Sunflower

I think this will start off my early fall decorating just perfectly!

Cake Mold Sunflower

And that’s only the beginning of Sunflower Week! Grab a bouquet while you’re getting groceries and see if you have any extra cake molds laying around to create one of these!


Cake Mold sunflower

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