Fourth of July Tabletop Ideas


Fourth of July tabletop decor can be as easy as rounding up some balls and placing them in a glass container. I had a stash of multi-colored superballs and had picked up a crate of baseballs and softballs during curbside clean-up days this spring {“Curbside Junking Adventures and Tips”}. I added a few more festive touches and have a couple of cute tabletop features!

(Did you catch the irony of balls in a Ball jar;)?

After adding a couple of store-bought wood candles to the superball jar, I got to work figuring out how I could get my stash of old baseballs to fit into an IKEA spaghetti jar I had laying around; the mouth of the container was a little small.

I grabbed a rubber mallet from the garage and set the spaghetti jar on the soft grass and did a little tapping…

balls in glass jars

It worked!

I decided to add a couple of flags and some blades of fake grass to finish off the cuteness.

baseballs in glass jar

Fourth of july decor

Perfect Americana decor, don’t you think?

I decided to add some Fourth of July festiveness to my porch stove, while I was in the decorating mood…


Years ago I came up with the idea to wrap an old ski rope around the ugly wires of some accent lighting. The lighted stars will be fun at night on the porch.

old folding stool

I had this old camping stool in my stash too. I had sewed a new fabric top for it and stapled it to the frame I had dyed blue with RIT dye. It’s definitely not sturdy to sit on, but it’s a great accent piece and would be cute on a buffet.

license plate trug

Mr. Fix-it and I had come up with these license plate trugs that I’m planning to plant some succulents in. Thought I’d enjoy this touch of 1976 vintage Illinois, too.

Are you almost all decorated for the holiday? Hope you’re enjoying some downtime with family and friends!


balls in glass jars

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