Styling a “Shelfie” Tips

Vintage May with scaffolding shelf above.

When you have a great piece (or two) of vintage goodness hanging on your wall, it’s o.k. to enjoy it in it’s naked state for awhile. Because great vintage finds have enough beauty in their form and character to stand alone. But after a couple of months of looking at a bare shelf, a girl’s gotta get up a ladder and do some styling…

Because the truth is, this awesome scaffolding shelf has been bare naked since it’s Christmas debut with it’s fun Shiny Brite display {Here}. I’ve been making a little pile of items I call “Classic Junk” that want to live up high on this shelf for awhile. Because moving a sofa and climbing a ladder does not make for a display that one wants to switch out often.

So I wanted this shelf to contain some Classic Junk items I’m happy to look at all the time, with a little foliage that will be happy to my eyes until next fall, at least.

Classic vintage junk items

Here’s what was in my pile to use:

  1. A Scale
  2. A toolbox, with my favorite clamshell hinges and dovetailed corners:)
  3. A globe
  4. Old wheels
  5. A Galvanized Tray

I know a lot of you are crazy about these classic junk items too, from your comments and choice of the winner of the Centerpiece Challenge {Here}. I used a lot of the same elements from the “World Traveler” winner. Because using your same pieces in different places, gives your home a fresh new look! So…switch away!

Here are the gymnastics my brain went through as I quickly transformed the pile on the floor into this vignette while Mr. Fix-it was asking if he could put the couch back…over the bathroom tile that we’re currently hiding under it (you’ll eventually hear about it).

First, I knew I’d have to balance out all the black accessories I wanted up there. I like the black because it un-sweets all the pastels and ties in with all the black outlining on the map. The white scale was the brightest piece, and therefore seemed appropriate for the center.

Classic vintage collectibles on scaffolding shelf.

After moving items around a couple times (up and down the ladder, move the ladder…), I realized I also needed to space out the circular items, which I had quite a few of. Sometimes I put together themed items like this without really realizing it…

Vintage collectibles on scaffolding shelf.

But now that I’ve shared that little tip with you, you can do it consciously!

I placed the accessories in a triangular shape, bookending the whole scene with the wheels and candlesticks at either end.

Vintage accessories displayed on shelf.

The accessories I chose directly related to the colors in the map. This is a great trick: For a cohesive look in your home, coordinate your accessory colors to your wall art. 

I also used mossy greens throughout to carry this vignette from spring through summer.

Vintage Map with classic junk accessories over.

And for a little added dimension and texture, make sure you include some metal elements:

Vintage accessories on scaffolding shelf.

Then, when your lovely display is complete, bring all those pretty colors down to earth to coordinate your furniture below the vignette. I found an afghan in my store leftover pile that had the same strange combo of colors I used above. We are still needing a little warmth on these cool, spring nights here in MN.

Vintage elements on a shelf above an old school map.

There you have a little glimpse into how I transform my home into the next season. Hope these tips will help you when you’re displaying your own seasonal vignettes!

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Vintage globe on old toolbox.

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11 thoughts on “Styling a “Shelfie” Tips

  1. “Shelfie”… you might have just coined a new word there! 🙂 Great shelf styling tips!

    Thanks so much for sharing this on the Farmhouse Friday link party! 🙂


  2. I like how you did this! Excellent method for teaching others. Can I mention something that you for sure put into practice in your display but didn’t mention in you diagrams? I find it usually pleasing to add “life” in the way of greenery, whether fake or real. I also like to add some soft which is usually gained by adding greenery but if not greenery then some type of material. If going vintage I would have perhaps added burlap or old lace. As I mentioned, you already have those things added with the grass and plants, just wanted to bring attention to it. Love your display and your teaching method, it all turned out beautifully. Thanks for sharing it. I’m going to be sharing it too!


      1. Laurie, Thanks for the compliment & so funny that you mention adding the foliage, because I totally thought of that…but ran out of time:) Adding some live in the form of plants, a candle flickering, or an animal(in this case the owls) is the cherry on top of every display! Thanks so much for the comment & thanks for sharing!

        Liked by 1 person

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