Ironing Board Shelves and Closet Refresh


Four years ago we were finishing up our Master Bedroom remodel and I had the brilliant idea to use vintage ironing boards as shelves in our newly created walk-in closet. Mr. Fix-it thought I was crazy at the time, but I couldn’t be happier with the decision.

I’ve been working on clearing out and reorganizing (like we all do in January) and thought it would be a good time to look back at my original post of our closet {Here}.

I’ve always thought that if I can come up with a good design plan, keeping things clean and tidy will be easier. Our closet has performed beautifully these past years, but just needed a little tweaking.


I cleared out five (!) bags of my clothes and sent them to my favorite thrift store. I took everything off the ironing board shelves and wiped them down. My hanging clothes rod is now only 1/2 full, which I love. I also put away all my summer clothes in a plastic bin (and I’ll be taking them back out in a couple of months;)

I decided since Mr. Fix-it was taller, he should have the top shelf for his clothes and the bottom shelf. I’d have the two in the middle. I wanted to avoid any bins on the floor, so as to be able to vacuum easier, so I squished them all on the ironing boards:


It’s really amazing how much a person can fit on four ironing boards!

Having a little lamp in the closet has become indispensable, since we are opposites with when we go to bed and wake up! We can leave it on for a little night-time or early morning glow:


I added a couple pics of the kiddos when they were little and adorable to put a smile on my face and send up a thankful prayer for each of them:)

I went through my jewelry stash too and deleted quite a bit. I add a few of my favorite pics on clipboards here too, to elevate it all as art. I leave at least one hook free at the bottom of the pegboard to hang whatever I’m planning on for the next day (if it’s something other than yoga pants).




It feels so good to have a clean, less busy closet! Have you been doing some de-cluttering and cleaning?

On Friday I’ll show you how I added a new color to our room for the season, and review the whole bedroom remodel process. It’s kind of fun to look back and realize you actually have accomplished something on your house, isn’t it?

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8 thoughts on “Ironing Board Shelves and Closet Refresh

  1. Stopped by from the Funky Junk link party – what a wonderful idea to use these as shelves! Would look really cute in a laundry room, too! Your closet re-do turned out great!


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