Closet Debut and Junky Organization


Well, the big reveal on the Bedroom Remodel is finally coming!  I know you’ve been waiting, and wondering…did they ever get that bedroom done?

Yes, but I haven’t been able to put together final pic’s because I needed to get the curtains sewed!  There’s always a little detail that doesn’t get done…like clipping the tag off that bottom basket, above?  Yes, we’ve used it for months…guess Mr. Fix-it doesn’t notice ;0

This post is the completed closet!  We finally accomplished what we set out to do!  As I was deciding how this space would be organized, I knew I wanted it to be aesthetic as well as functional.  I wanted to junk up this space! We have a beautiful, glass front antique door, but I’m not so sure I want to install it.  I really like the openness and not having a door in the way, so everything needs to look presentable from the room.

We started with a wall of vintage ironing boards for shelves.  I already had a beautiful aqua one with an original label, and a perfect-colored green one.  I whitewashed the other two and gave them all a couple coats of poly.  They just make me smile!



Mr. Fix-it whipped up these brackets from some of our kitchen flooring. They can certainly handle the weight!

Next, I made a visit to one of my favorite stores, Home Goods, and bought quite a few grasscloth storage baskets.  I had a list of what I wanted to put in them and a phone pic with me.


I like having jeans, sweatshirts and t-shirts in a stack for ease of grabbing, but unmentionables all got treated to a lidded box.  I also have an open box for cluttery stuff, like perfume bottles and jewelry boxes.

My plastic dirty clothes basket is disguised in a cute vintage laundry basket:


And remember that stupid shelf area above our stairway?  It’s now totally usable as a part of the closet (and an area I need to totally go through…photos!).


My jewelry has turned into art displayed on a painted pegboard frame.  I wear about 5 necklaces regularly (all my junky ones), but the rest all look so pretty, when I’m ready for a change!


Any hardware/home store has the little hooks.  The men use them for tools-ha!

Our belts hang from a tie rack, since it wasn’t really getting used!


My seasonal purses are hung on old postage hooks.  I love these sturdy, old hooks.  Have them in my back hall, too.


I slide a couple enamelware baby washtubs under my hanging clothes for shoes, etc.  I just love these things so much, I had to find a spot for them, and they’re big!

Growing up, we swapped out our seasonal clothes, mainly because our closets were sooo small.  To this day, I don’t like looking at my off-season clothes!  So, today was the day to get rid of summer once and for all (or until next April, here in MN)!

Goodbye pinks, sleeveless shirts and grasscloth purses!  You’re going to rest in a rubbermaid for awhile, and get pushed to the far side of the clothesrod.

I organize my hanging clothes by color.  Learned it somewhere in high school, and it just made sense.  I am not a control freak, but I do like all my fronts of my shirts to face left and to close the top 1st, 2nd, and 4th buttons so they hang nice.  Yep…downright OCD.  I was wanting all my hangars to be white for the new closet and Mr. Fix-its to be black, but don’t think I’ve communicated that well…and it may not really matter to him anyway!  I still have the pink and purples from the college dorm room lurking…

His is the top clothesrod:


Mine is the bottom:


Doesn’t that look nice?  Think I could use a little more pattern in my wardrobe!

At the end of the closet, where the door to our room used to be, I’ve got a sampling of my vintage tablecloth collection.  Some people like their head in the clouds…I like mine in tablecloths that smell like wonderful linen spray.


I even used one of my collection for the curtains. It’s so pretty with the sun shining through the delicate fabric:



At the far end, I have 2 rubbermaids with out of season clothes, some suitcases, and a pack n play for my cute, niece to sleep in when she’s over.  There’s still plenty of room to navigate!  But I have realized that this is the first time in our 20 years of marriage that Mr. Fix-it and I have shared a closet!  Guess it’s a whole new stage of togetherness!


At night, this little glass lamp provides just the right amount of cozy light, without having to put the recessed lights on.

I think this new space has become my favorite spot in my house!  Definitely worth all the work, and the wait!

2 thoughts on “Closet Debut and Junky Organization

  1. Washtubs will be in my closet by tonight! We don’t share because it’s an old house with tiny closets. Love the ironing board shelves!


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