Bedspring Card Display and a Christmas Entry


We don’t need to dream about a White Christmas anymore, here in Minnesota; we’ve got it, and it’s here to stay! But when I first started decorating our back (and main) entry, I was craving the white stuff, and everything that goes with it.

I picked up this cute, hand-painted sign last week when we had a little Patina General reunion with some of the ladies who contributed their wares to our store. It was fun to be in the town again and admire everyone else’s hard work without the stress of having my own store. We saw many familiar faces and had a great time.

This cute sign with the vintage pickup directed my color scheme back here. Aqua, red and green with scarves, mittens and snowflakes seemed appropriate for a winter-time entry. I was excited the most to decorate my “new,” vintage, green bedspring that Mr. Fix-it had hung on the wall. I decided it would be our Christmas card display this year!


Yes, we have a lot of coats in Minnesota.

I centered a wreath on the bedspring, decorated with vintage mittens and braided yarn for texture, along with some snowflakes and pillow stuffing, which is my secret recipe for Christmas decorating.

dsc_0220-4edit  dsc_0221-4edit

I decided to use a cute car pillow and ornament my mom had given me last Christmas and create a “Family Travels” theme, hanging all our ornaments from different trips on the greenery. I am sentimental about them, but I don’t really like them on our main tree, so this is a great compromise! As you’ve probably figured out, if you’ve read a couple of my posts…I like to spread Christmas all over the house😉





As we get wonderful Christmas photos from friends and family, we’ve been clothespinning them to the spring. We’re greeted with smiling faces whenever we enter or exit!

Here’s ours…Merry Christmas from our family to yours!


And on top of our vintage dresser that holds a boatload of shoes, keys, and anything and everything else, I placed a cute little “warm-me-up” vignette with yellow and green enamelware coffeepots, sticks with marshmallows, candycanes, mittens and some hand-crafted art that we carried in the store. It usually faces out the window, but there was quite the glare when I was taking the pic, so I turned it around for you to see!


I enjoy Christmas decorating so much! It’s hard to stop! Think I enjoy the process as much or more as the finished result! Anyone else agree?


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5 thoughts on “Bedspring Card Display and a Christmas Entry

  1. I love your Christmas entry! The sign is darling and bed springs are so fun. I looked and looked for one to use in my craft room, but couldn’t find one. I bought a large framed chicken wire from Home Goods and it has been a great alternative. Of course I’ve ran across springs since. 🙂 I also love your enamelware vignette! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


    1. Carol, I kind of fell in love with this one, because it’s that perfect vintage green! They’re pretty heavy for the wall, but you guys are good at hanging things, I know😉. Good Luck!


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