Junky Centerpieces


Since you’ll be pulling out the Christmas decor items friday or saturday, and Cheryl and I will be too busy to post, thought I’d share some examples of junky centerpieces we’ve done through the years.

They all have the same elements, kind of a variation on a theme.


We start with a rectangular container: vintage toolbox, metal baking pan, sewing machine drawer, small wood drawer-whatever you have around.


We start with two or three canning jars, with a fluted votive candle holder suspended in each. Sometimes we add ribbon, twine or raffia around the neck of the jar. If the jars need to be higher, we will tuck some styrofoam or old books under the jars to elevate them.


As you can see above, you can also place something in the jars for extra decoration; we’ve got epsom salts which resemble snow filling the jar here. If you can’t find the fluted votive holders at your local big box store, you could tuck your candle down in the jar-probably even more safe.


Next, we start tucking in real or artificial foliage. If you use real, you may use oasis foam to extend the life of your greens, otherwise they’ll just dry, which looks fine too. If you use artificial, you can save the whole arrangement for next year!

Your choice of foliage and container will convey your theme; woodsy, country, frosty, junky. After the foliage, add pinecones, sticks, berries, and some fun accessories to make it personal. Even tucking in a vintage photo and scrabble tiles in a word can be kind of fun!

These centerpieces can be placed in the middle of the table, a kitchen counter, on a coffee table, or even on an entryway table to greet your guests as they come in.



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