Bachman’s Poinsettia Greenhouse Tour

Poinsettias in greenhouse

Have you ever had one of those breathtaking moments in life where you just thought, “Wow, I am so lucky!”. Or, more appropriate for the Thanksgiving, almost-Christmas season…”So thankful“. Those were the words ringing in my head as I walked into the Bachman’s Grower’s Greenhouse, filled with 70,000 Poinsettias in their full glory!

I was invited to experience the beauty for a special Media day, when Bachman’s opened their greenhouse doors to share the 30 varieties of fully bloomed, Poinsettias they propagate each year. I happily accepted the invite, and can’t wait to share it with you!

White poinsettias in greenhouse

Poinsettias are native to Mexico and Central America. They’re warm-climate lovers. Which makes them even more special to enjoy here in MN, in the bitter cold of winter, I think.

Poinsettia varieties.

Bachman’s began growing and propagating Poinsettias in 1931. They continue to create new varieties that range from 2 inch minis to almost bush-like 4 footers. Bachman’s has become one of the best growers of Poinsettias in the U.S. Interesting fact: The Poinsettia is the best selling potted plant in Canada and the U.S.

Poinsettia plant

Red Poinsettias are a classic image on many vintage Christmas linens and paper ephemera. 70 percent of Bachman’s customers still purchase the classic red Poinsettia. As you can see from these greenhouse pics, the majority grown are in varieties and types of red flowers.

Red Poinsettias in greenhouse.

Poinsettias growing in the greenhouse

Poinsettias growing in the greenhouse

I love how even these classic reds have some variation. The variegated green leaves add some interest, and so do the variation of size. There’s even a ruffled-petal Poinsettia.

Poinsettias are an interesting flower, because their flower is actually made up of leaves that are simply a different hue.

Aztecs were known to crush the red leaves to make dyes for cosmetics and textiles. The marketing team at Bachmans was inspired to create Poinsettia-themed adornment, which would be so creative for a Christmas wedding or gala:

Poinsettia crown.

Poinsettia headband

Poinsettia Ring

Poinsettia ring

I loved how they used a mixture of greens, even succulents with the Poinsettias to achieve a texture-rich arrangement.

Ideas for using Poinsettias on the holiday table also spurred ideas.

Poinsettias in ball jar.

I love adding aqua to the classic red and green decor, and these mini Poinsettias are the perfect size to tuck into each person’s place setting. Placed in a painted Ball Jar, they could be gifts at each guest’s seat.

Poinsettias in gold container.

Poinsettias can be dressed up or down, depending on your style. Combined with glitzy gold, they can be attractive for the bling lover, or combined with a plaid, they can become classic.

Mini Poinsettias tucked into a small vase.

At each place setting, or as a centerpiece, combine Poinsettias with faux birch containers, or surrounded by a variety of winter greens. Winter berries  and pinecones add textural interest also.

Red Poinsettias in faux birch container.

Poinsettias combine well with various winter berries.

Although I enjoy the classic style of the red Poinsettia, my style leans toward adding a little freshness to the tried and true. The pink varieties stole my heart…

Pink and cream Poinsettias

Pink and cream Poinsettia

Pink colored Poinsettias

Blush-colored Poinsettia

Pink Poinsettias.

Cameo-inspired blush colored, pink and cream variegated, coral-hued. I think I could fill my whole house with these beauties, and surround them with my depression pink glassware. Hmm…think I might just have a Christmas decorating theme going there;)

Of course the classic whites are pretty amazing too, especially since my favorite color is green! Wouldn’t a couple of the little white minis be adorable tucked here and there in my green and white kitchen cupboard? {“Kitchen Cupboard with Antique Doors”}

Mini white Poinsettias

White Poinsettias

For the really creative customer, Bachman’s hand-dyes and glitters 4-5000 white Poinsettias every year to create their “Fantasy” Poinsettias. It was fun to see how these beautiful twist-on-a-classic plants are created, each by hand.

Painted Poinsettias by Bachmans

Painted Poinsettia

Painted Poinsettia

I was envisioning a New Year’s eve party or wedding filled with these beautiful, shimmering creations. Wouldn’t it be unique and special?

Pink Fantasy painted Poinsettia

Purple Fantasy painted Poinsettia

What’s your favorite Poinsettia color? And how are you planning on using them this year?

Bachman’s gifted me with a big, beautiful, coral-colored pink plant to start out my decorating! And seeing all this beauty got my mind spinning with other Poinsettia-inspired projects! I’m a flower-loving girl; whatever’s in season is my favorite! {see “Float Your Flowers“, “Get a Big Bang from Your Box Store Bouquet”, “Color Block Your Garden Bouquets For Visual Interest”}

Poinsettia greenhouse

I hope you enjoyed this little visual treat! I know it put me in the creating-beautiful mood! Thanks to Bachman’s for inviting me to a day of jaw-dropping beauty!

Poinsettias being shipped.

The Poinsettias are all getting delivered to your local Bachman’s stores this week! And of course to all the churches that get decorated and fund-raisers that sell them. National Poinsettia day is December 12. Treat yourself to a little bit of freshly grown beauty!


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