4 Everyday Appliances Every DIYer/ Crafter/Maker Should Own

Everyday appliances every DIY Maker Should Own.

There’s a couple of everyday household appliances in my battalion of handy tools that are invaluable when it comes to refreshing and recreating. They can all be easily and cheaply found at the thrift store. Let me tell you what they are and what I use them for.

An Old Crockpot:

An old crockpot makes easy work of cleaning old paint off of vintage hardware.

An old crockpot is invaluable for cleaning crusted-on old paint from vintage metal hardware. Simply place the old hinges, metal handles or pulls and screws in the crockpot with enough water to cover them and set the cooker to high.

Check back in a couple hours. With a metal tongs, grab one out of the hot water to see if the paint has gotten soft and pliable. If yes, take the hardware out and gently scrape off any remaining paint. Give them longer if needed. Finish up your cleanup with an SOS pad.

The Hoosier cabinet hardware I did this way turned out almost as good as new (only better, cuz it’s old;)

Hoosier Cupboard vintage hardware, all cleaned up.

Note: After you’ve used your old crockpot for lead-paint deletion…don’t use it for your supper. ever. again. (We wrote on ours with a permanent marker-“No Food Use”) Also…your family may think you’re making some wonderful supper in the crockpot if you’ve got this on the kitchen counter…just sayin’.

Electric Frying Pan

An Electric Fry pan is wonderful for hot melt glue

An old electric frying pan comes in handy for floral arranging and any other larger project you would need hot glue for. Glue guns work well when you need the hot glue to be in a specific, directed place, but hot melt glue pillows have much more staying power and strength. Simply add little pillows of hot glue to the pan, put the temperature gauge to a low to medium heat setting, and dip whatever you need to adhere into the hot glue (making sure to keep your fingers out of it). I have also taken a shim, popsicle stick or paint stir stick and dipped it into the glue and applied it to whatever I’m adhering. The hold is much better than most glue guns.

Simply turn off the fryer when you’re done, and your glue will cool off and harden until your next project. You can even put the lid on for storage.

Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer

After you’re done hot gluing, you’ll often have strings of glue all over your beautiful project. Simply turn on your hair dryer and melt those strings away. Much more professional than a string-y floral arrangement.

Hand Held Puree Mixer

A puree mixer comes in handy for mixing dry paint.

Another useful home appliance is a puree-type hand mixer. It can be used to mix up dry powdered Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint. The paint gets smoother and frothy, and is so much easier than mixing it by hand.

I use the measuring cup that comes with the mixer to first measure the dry powder. I place it in a glass jar or plastic container. Then I measure the water and add it to the powder. Then I mix the two with the mixer.

And, once again, probably good to not use the mixer for any soup after; keep it with your paint supplies.

Hope you’re eyeing your old appliances, or making a plan to pick some of these up next time you’re at the thrift store. Have you used any of these in your creating?


4 Household Appliances every DIYer, Maker, and Crafter should have





4 thoughts on “4 Everyday Appliances Every DIYer/ Crafter/Maker Should Own

  1. These are brilliant! I have never seen glue pillows, where do you buy them? Also, could you throw some glue gun sticks in the pan and get the same results or is that different?
    I’m off to find a spare immersion blender for my paint project!!! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you think so, Elisabeth! I got the glue pillows from a floral wholesaler, but feel like I’ve seen them at craft big box stores. I’ve honestly never tried melting the sticks, so can’t be much help with that:( Good luck!


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